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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

Gods Do Have Flesh in Archetypes


All human thought is anchored directly or indirectly to experience. Just as we establish rapport with human beings, and can fall out of rapport with human beings, we can develop connection to archetypes or social problems with archetypes.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging has shown some of the old theories about psychoanalysis to be true, while others have been found to be groundless. But the relevant discovery here is that our brains only support so many models of human behaviour on an instinctive level, and we get in touch with, and lose touch with, these models as our life experience changes.

It is the theory of projection. Without consciously attending to someone’s behaviour, it’s been proven that we will put a psychological mask on other people. Make them an angel or a demon, a sex object or a predator. Things that don’t have real basis in fact, but do have roots in our instincts. Aphrodite, as an archetype, is the primal sex object.

Is this why we act so shocked when celebrities prove to be human just like us? Yes. We instinctively make Gods.

Arnold’s love child is nothing new. Yes. Arnold is a half baked Zeus figure.

If we’re capable of manifestation, it would make sense we could manifest Gods. I’d think it would be easier then manifesting things in this world. The Gods do have flesh. Our flesh, even what genes express or remain dormant, is shaped by our formative experiences as we grow in childhood. You may have the traits for schizophrenia but never express it.

Unless triggered? Yes. You have to have a string of stress hormones triggered, and then you get the activation of psychotic traits. Even our dark archetypes have their lives in our bodies. Man is literally made in the image of the Gods on a daily basis.

I think Gods are internal anyways. They don’t live in the clouds. They are in a sense, but they are external also. Archetypal traits are self perpetuating. Human beings can’t really make up behaviours from scratch, because we are evolved to connect with other people, to receive impressions and to impress on other people. Then Loki can affect you even if you aren’t in a Loki state of mind to start with, because Loki is everywhere, in everyone, and Loki acts like Loki. Whether it’s your granny or your husband or the cashier at the store, each archetype has its own way in the world, and in a sense acts of its own volition.

It’s unsettling when you see someone who is normally calm become something different. Indeed. Aries can show his ugly face with a quickness, as can Hades.

I remember feeling afraid when I saw my Dad cry after my Granddad passed away because I never saw Dad cry before. He is capable of it. The Egyptians called that archetype Nepthys, goddess of sorrow. To the Norse that was Hel or Hela.

I guess you think only kids cry when you are a kid yourself. I was only ten or so. To children, adults are Gods. Mysterious in their ways.

All powerful, all knowing. Yes.

Protectors must not be afraid. This is why we get devil figures. Protectors are not supposed to be enemies either.

But now they say you shouldn’t be afraid to show emotions to your kids when you feel them. They say correctly, and also show them how you are dealing with them.

Even a lost temper shows them that everyone can get angry. Showing that you can get angry and not hit, shows them how to get angry and not hit.

And they tend to give advice all the time and as you grow up, you realize you understand some things better than they ever did. Yes.

I suppose the Second Life newbie avatar is an archetype. It is a form of archetype, yes.

And we all get Ruthed at times. Which is also an archetype, just for female avatars it doesn’t matter as much. There are stories of gender change or gender disguising in both Norse myth and Native American myth as well.

Well, the newbie guy is kind of seen as a sex crazed college nerd. See one and think, “Oh God, he is going to start griefing or warring his banana cock.” And those who start out wanting to “dive right in” to Second Life, thinking they know all about what it is, actually are often sex crazed college nerds.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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