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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Strange Attractors in Ionic Energy

Ionic Energy

We need positively charged ions. It’s how matter is formed, but our actual energy of consciousness is negatively charged, or rather the energy carrier wave that is traceable in the human neural net.

Lightening in the brain? Indeed. Our brains are full of lighting which affects the energy balance around us.

Magnetically negative? Yes. That has even been studied scientifically.

What is the energy carrier wave? About my use of the term carrier wave, some signals are translated into lower bandwidths only by being linked to lower level energy waves.

Modulating a signal on top of another. Yes, exactly.

So in the brain, we modulate consciousness on a lower bandwidth signal to get into our brain? Yes. The electrical charge of the nervous system allows for an interface between our field of consciousness and our organic body.

What modulates in our bodies? Our nerve signals do.

This gets into chaos theory. Anyone hear of what they call strange attractors?

Strange attractors are attractors on the non-local level that involve auric and morphogenetic energies. And they reproduce across energy systems. The two constructs are pretty much the same thing, just different levels of complexity of consciousness.

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An example of a strange attractor? Patterns produced in biological sonar. Neurophysical resonance patterns.

One example of a strange attractor. I needed to advertise to get clients, but something went wrong with my credit card. The ad didn’t get in, but the intent brought in the number of clients I sought anyway. And intentional energy patterns would be strange attractors in the experiential sense. Your intention to do something will often create responses in others and your environment before your own system has begun acting on it. My intention to get a cup of coffee affects everything related to coffee and coffee making.

Our intention effects water patterns. Water is a highly ionated substance, and the interaction between our neural activity and even the positive ion contaminants in water would still influence the formation of what they call ionic salts.

Ionic activity and psionic function are deeply related. Psi was originally a term used to describe the behaviour of atoms when they behave like single objects even when there seems to be no connection between the particles themselves. They are related at the point of zero point resonance, which brings us to the metaphysical meaning of ionic energy. Why it all matters to us on an experiential level.

Any particle that forms can be broken by a destructive resonance pattern, and the right resonance pattern can cause material that had no connection to connect to other particles. This is why when they do that wave experiment with a metal sheet and grains of sand, the sand pools together although the sheet is actually flat. The waves created by the resonance in the plate causes the sand to pool in the resting points in the wave. This is a simple metaphor for the observer effect.

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Travis Saunders
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