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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Electrical Change With State Of Mind in Ionic Energy

Ionic Energy

I see those ion bracelets being sold. Do they have an effect on ions or is it just a novelty? They do have an effect on ions, though there is controversy as to the degree or possible health benefit.

They are supposed to restore well being. I will say from experience the effect is positive as I do wear one of those designs myself. They draw our positive ions, clearing the static from your nervous system and even the rest of your cells.

I guess it depends on why you wear the bracelet? Actually, no. It’s like a circuit. It can be shorted at any place.

I’m reminded of those who use song in magic for healing. I expect their voice creates a resonance that they use to connect what they want connected? Yes, but also the effort involved in articulating the tones creates an accompanying neural field. A magnetic pattern around the body.

Back to the barding again. The chi makes the healing possible. So bards knew about this energy long ago. They did indeed.

Is chi negatively charged? Chi is the full energy dynamic. The medium of exchange between positive and negative ions. Chi is an ion pump, but you can use other methods to do the same thing though perhaps not as quickly.

That’s why it’s Tai Chi. What is the tai? Tai is a Chinese word meaning great or ultimate.

In my case, my mutation has been traced to an overly positive ionic balance compromising a key sector of my genome. This affects every other function in my body of course, but the impact it has experientially is I don’t synch with people performing ritual magick, or even just devotional ritual, even group meditation. My own nervous system creates a jamming signal rather than a boosting one, with one exception.

Remember my reference to resonance? Any two energies when brought to a high or low enough energy level will begin to resonate with each other. Begin to behave in a constructive pattern. In the right states of mind, I boost other people instead of jamming them. The point at which I actually resonate with others is the states neurotypicals consider stress, though not necessarily distress. Eustress works also. So yes, our electrical amplitude and frequency change with our state of mind. This is ionic energy.

The energies can clash like a bad note too, right? Yes, they can. Is that lightning? Actually, lightning is a synchronization between the atmosphere and the geosphere. Lightning is harmony. Static electricity is jamming.

And the energy comes from me and the metal or just me? You and the metal both, as well as you and the air you breath, and you and the carpet you walk across.

When they are measuring brain waves, they are measuring the flow of negative ions through your nervous system. Tibetan prayer wheels are ion producing as are their singing bowls.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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