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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Being With Change in Stress


Just learning to be ok with change can challenge some of us. This is true, it can be a challenge. But there is an old Arabic curse, “May your every wish be immediately fulfilled.”

In all of your struggling to resist change, what if you said nothing can change? You just don’t like change, so from now on nothing can change. Instant still life, pain never healing, rest never coming, or what if you wished no one would ever die? Fatigue, disease, and serious injury would still happen. Sounds like hell on earth to me. Does it to you? Our wisdom is narrow when we insist on it being ours, but if we let that go, then everything is given to us. What more could we want?

Oh that’s nice, then I could sell everything. If you sell everything then you have money, which you would then use to get things back. The answer is not in having stuff, or not having stuff, it’s in realizing the truth. Life is dynamic and stronger than you. Do you have your car, or does your car have you? Do you have your home, or does your home have you? The matrix has you friends, but unlike the movie the matrix is the madre, the Great Mother.

We do need resources like food, and we need money to get those. It’s a shame that we’re required to get into a competitive environment with others to get those things we really can’t do without. The competition is the lie, the ego. Praising those who can get theirs before I get mine, they claim mine too, and yours, and they are good why? They are competitive, yes. Why do we admire them?

I don’t admire them. I want out of it all. Just like in the movie “The Matrix”, the way out is in. We are taught all these things about who we are, and what we can or can’t do, and we are taught a lot about big things. This keeps us nice and distracted. When you aren’t distressed whatever would you do with all that mental and emotional energy? It would have to go somewhere wouldn’t it? If your mind has some clear space, what would you choose to do with it? I would say you have choices.

I like to travel lightly, which is funny because everyone is always saying I have a lot in my head. It doesn’t tire me much though. I own my head space, should someone else? Should your religious leader? Your religious leader may be very wise, if so that’s good.

Only if I let it. Very good point. If they own it, it’s only temporary. You can change it at any time, and you just have to see the truth which is your fears are yours, your feelings are yours, your thoughts are yours. If any of this is not true the spirit is, and you can make it literally true at will, and these things are not any bigger than you are. Are you bigger than the world? I would say no, though it’s bigger than you, and includes you in it. It is quite supportive about it. When you fight your problems, you are only fighting you. What happens when you fight you?

When you fight you, you lose, because you are fighting you. This is maybe the most fearful war that no one is afraid of. If whatever problem that seems so scary to you is seen as it is, as part of your experience of you being in the world and like the world, and how the problem arrived in your awareness, it will change too.  Then what problem can’t you solve? Oh, I do know one. The problem that in being solved would show you aren’t special. That you aren’t separate. That makes you unique in your view of the world, and well these do make us suffer don’t they? It’s not a problem unless we say it is.

I’m an ant.  You are an ant, yes, and an eagle, and a volcano. You are God, and a little speck of dust.

It’s true that feeling separate did cause me trouble on many occasions. It creates conflicts which are unneeded. The conflict doesn’t have to happen, not that type of conflict.

There is another sort of stress, and it’s not distress. Dancing is stress, and they call it eustress. It is pleasure or joy. When the world comes to meet you, and you embrace it with open arms, you will be moved. You will be “stressed”, but this stress feeds you. It doesn’t dull the mind or numb the heart. You are an actor friends, and you are also acted on. Everybody can dance in one way or another.

Venting a display of stress through dance to embrace a feeling. Indeed. It would be very positive to do that. Even down right liberating.

I respect your choice. :grin: Maybe you will make the choice to be with me again, and from the core of my being, mahalo and namaste.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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