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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Psychosis in Stress


What is psychosis, really? Psychosis is very simple. We all are neurotic. If you do anything that doesn’t serve a practical purpose for you, that’s a neurosis. But if you can choose to do it or not, then that is what it stays, a neurosis. A psychosis is exactly the same thing, but minus choice. So what is all this about not having choice?

Often psychosis takes the form of spiritual experiences? I don’t agree that psychosis is identical with spiritual experience. I have noticed a difference. In the case of spiritual experience, well… there is another saying. Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment chop wood and carry water. And whether you think you have choices, or whether you choose to think you have no choices, spiritual experience is still there. So spiritual experience is despite psychosis, not because of.

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I know people think they had no choice but to do this or that, but they were really choosing. I don’t see our planet slapping shackles on anyone. If anything, running the whole gamut of calm and stressed, sane and insane, we have a spiritual world. It’s very patient with us. The secret of managing stress is to learn from its example, and be patient with us too.

It only seems that it’s not a choice when it’s an obvious one. You maybe just don’t like your other choices. This doesn’t mean they aren’t choices for you, and planning is not a bad thing, but it’s often very stressful isn’t it? Frustrating to the point of being maddening. Frustrated ambitions and all?

Because it gets too big. Yes, planning is “big.”

So why decide? Just let the forces guide you and be wise about it? Yes, but you can plan if you know the truth of what you are doing. You can’t plan for the world, it neither knows or cares what your plans are, and it will act on its own wisdom which is greater than yours if you like it or not. But when you plan, you can see yourself more clearly, because that’s exactly what your plan is about.  You can know what you want.

Accept the blows and view them as signals which point you in a direction. Make mistakes. Do things you don’t know how to do. Say hi to someone you don’t know just because you can. You are there anyway. You can’t lose you. If you plan, you are just taking a self inventory, and yes, you are free to change it. You might want to even if you get everything you want. You are a part of this constantly changing and living world. You are both agent and object, actor and acted upon. You experience distress because you fight what you have no power to fight, and I’m glad you don’t have the power to fight it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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