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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

Resonance With Arcana in Arcana


Anyone care to share what tradition or traditions they may be affiliated with?

I’m not really affiliated with any, but I like the traditional Tarot. The tarot have their origin in the mysteries of Egyptian ma’at originally. The fools journey of the major arcana was their initiation process.

I am Wiccan. I also read Tarot.

A little this, a little that, jewels in every place. I agree. It is my goal, if I have one tonight, to reveal that there are arcana to be discovered in every tradition.

You hit upon an arcana when you discover it to be a causative principle, like the popular law of attraction. It is an arcana, as are the law of contagion, the law of correspondence and the law of sympathy.

I think the arcana is all about archetypes. You are correct. The arcana would be what was referred to by Socrates when he referred to “perfect forms”.

I’m having a hard time with the law of attraction. Opening up the funnel. They model the law of attraction poorly in my experience. In my experience, it’s actually just the law of contagion in creative practice. You create in physical existence what you allow in your internal presence. Nothing is actually being attracted from elsewhere, but by associating your intended state with your actions, you reshape your circumstances according to the principle that let you even be aware of your intended change of state or goal.

“Contagion” has negative energy attached to it. Can’t there be another, more positive term? There can be, yes. Attunement might better serve. Things resonate with the arcana. Like music, you just have to set up the right acoustics to allow for the desired effect. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and looks like a duck, it becomes a duck at least for functional purposes. This is the primary arcana behind the alchemists transmutation as well as the animistic shape shifting experience.

You must not neglect actual behaviour too. I once made an ad and there was a mess up, but my intent registered on the causal plane and people still called me, but you have to actually do some material work. Yes. You have to make the noise clearly to get clear feedback, otherwise a ducks quack doesn’t echo. You have the power you imagine you do and will not manifest power you don’t have an arcana for. I use the term arcana instead of word, because images and even practices work just as well, and perhaps even better, but this differs between individuals.

If you have the intention of peace, then your meditation is the arcana that leads to peace. If you have the intention of atonement, then your prayer is the arcana that leads to communion. If you have the attention of reverence, then ceremonial dance can move the spirits just as well as it moves your flesh and blood, but arcana can need refinement. Imperfect understanding leads to imperfect results.

For me, the arcana of Wiccan practice may not work, may not speak to my inner nature. This doesn’t mean they will not work for someone else. They arise in the same way that all arcana arise. They are a wisdom reflected in a person or cultures life experience, and like any meme can become wide spread and deeply ingrained. This is why many people report more success in divination practice with newly invented cartomancy decks, and find the traditional old tarot so daunting. They don’t have the connection to the arcana of the tarot that people once had. Even something as wildly variable as handwriting analysis has its arcana.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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