'Arcana' Chapter


There are arcana to be discovered in every tradition. You hit upon an arcana when you discover it to be a causative principle. The arcana would be what was referred to by Socrates when he referred to “prefect forms”. If you have the intention of peace, then your meditation is the arcana that leads to peace. If you have the intention of atonement, then your prayer is the arcana that leads to communion. If you have the attention of reverence, then ceremonial dance can move the spirits just as well as it moves your flesh and blood, but arcana can need refinement. Imperfect understanding leads to imperfect results.

In your spiritual/magickal practice consider breaking your tradition down into its elements, its arcana. Then like an artist considering the elements of their art, free yourself to personalize your relationship to it. Your work will have much more power/beauty/efficacy.

“forms are as it were patterns fixed in the nature of things.” Parmenides

Causal Factors

I will be discussing the arcana in a general sense, but we can go into specific principles as it seems to suit. First, something in the way of explanation. Physics is the study of observable physical forces in the world.… Seek More

Resonance With Arcana

Anyone care to share what tradition or traditions they may be affiliated with? I’m not really affiliated with any, but I like the traditional Tarot. The tarot have their origin in the mysteries of Egyptian ma’at originally. The fools journey… Seek More

Wider Arcana

There are relics of the old tarot arcana still in popular awareness, thus being “behind the eight-ball” means you are unlucky. That is from the minor arcana. This is also why the eight ball is solid black. It’s directly linked… Seek More

What Is Your Arcana?

Let’s discuss science. It’s full of arcana. Some of which are not based on physics, but instead on their philosophical standard of empiricism. Occam’s razor is an arcana, and it states, “Do not assume the presence of more than is… Seek More