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Absolute Reality in Daemons


Today we are talking about daemons. The spelling distinction is necessary as I am not referring to the bugaboos people are obsessed with. Grotesque caricatures of humanity those are, but not without some links to the daemonic.

The word demon is a distortion of the Latin word daemon which was an order / level of beings between the Gods and humanity. Eros was a daemon and people generally are quite enamoured of anything erotic. As for some of the other imagery, skulls are sacred in a great many cultures and in early Christianity they were seen as holy relics or potentially so.

In order to explain some topics I find myself forced to resort to a technique I call mapping. So I have to start with the familiar and move from there. The physical realm is the consensus reality though not the absolute reality. Just as the body has an electromagnetic field so does the earth itself as well as an aura. This aura is also permeated by the respective life fields of the mass of organisms on our planet and the non-organic life sources as well.

Life feeds on life. This is true without exception in our world. So air and minerals are sources of life energy also. Just as a body can play host to other simpler organisms, so can the earth’s aura. So not every form of life on this planet has what we would consider a material form. Matter being a poorly defined concept as it is. These non material entities are often mistaken for disincarnate creatures, but in fact, they never take incarnation and are not actually what they appear to be to our senses.

So yes, we have the material world and the sense of presences that we can’t localize to physical bodies. With me so far?

A friend was telling me recently that even the rocks have a form of consciousness. If consciousness is the ability to react to stimulation then rocks have it, just slower than humans. If the comparison is even relevant, and rocks also have memories, their minds are very powerful. Powerful enough to imprint our awareness with their own imagination. Stated more simply, disturbed rocks make images.

Would that be like magnetic properties? Loosely connected to their magnetic fields, yes. The iron in our blood and the iron in many minerals work the same. They are indistinguishable from each other as is the calcium and all the rest.

Examples of rocks imprinting peoples imagination with their memories are most of the old rock structures, castles, old prisons, even the Palaeolithic edifices. Wood doesn’t make quite as much of an impression as it moves closer to human speed in consciousness, and processes and then dismisses information much more quickly.

They can hold sound waves can’t they? People report hearing music in old stone churches for example. Or they hold onto the echo of the sound for a long time? More like the converted imprint of the sound. It registers as sound when humans are adding their own auras.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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