'Daemons' Chapter


Not every form of life on this planet has what we would consider a material form. Daemons are aware of our place in time, and other sectors of time and space that are connected to our world. For them, it’s a big web of pathways, an infrastructure of tangible reality.

The structure and activity of the daemonic phase of reality does interact with our own. There is a universal interface across the board. As complicated as our world is as a whole, it is still whole. So they navigate their equivalent structures in our world and their actions manifest as seemingly inexplicable events in our world. In our early development they took a hand in our evolution as they saw humanity sprouting up on a great many of the world lines.

Mostly people interact with daemons on the psychic level as they broadcast much the same as we do. They are not any more or less moral than humans in general. As far as advice goes, don’t worry about daemons.

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels” Tennessee Williams

Absolute Reality

Today we are talking about daemons. The spelling distinction is necessary as I am not referring to the bugaboos people are obsessed with. Grotesque caricatures of humanity those are, but not without some links to the daemonic. The word demon… Seek More

Sense Of Spectrum

Just outside of the planets life aura, there is a belt of consciousness that permeates the local hyperspace nexus. The planets aura bends a dimension of pure consciousness energy. There are entities that exist in this space in relationship to… Seek More

Daemonic Phase Of Reality

To relate the daemons existence, I will have to resort to metaphor as their existence and their consciousness don’t take structures that clearly translate to our own. They are aware of our place in time and other sectors of time… Seek More

Cosmic Politics

Now onto perhaps one of this worlds first political debauches. Humans call it the Manichean heresy. The being known as the serpent (again he has countless names, patron of the human genetic helix among other things), and the being known… Seek More

Daemonic Contact

Mostly people interact with daemons on the psychic level as they broadcast much the same as we do. We share the psychic airwaves and is why we have ideas like “inner demons.” The daemons could just as easily say they have… Seek More

Devas And Daemons

Humans disagree on which parties activities are more upsetting, the devas or the daemons. Aesir or Vanir. These are the same two parties but two different cultures. Even the Titans versus the Gods in Greek myth. Same two parties, but… Seek More

Dealing With Daemons

In dealing with daemons, most people will never have to. As far as advice goes, don’t worry about daemons. If on the off chance you do happen to get in trouble with one, handle it much like you would with… Seek More