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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Daemonic Contact in Daemons


Mostly people interact with daemons on the psychic level as they broadcast much the same as we do. We share the psychic airwaves and is why we have ideas like “inner demons.” The daemons could just as easily say they have inner humans, but their influence on the psychic field is more stable than the human signal as the quantum realm is closer to psychic energy than our state of matter is. Less of a difference in wavelength, if that makes sense.

So when we encounter them in dreams, our dreams often take on an eerily tangible quality. They take up more of our awareness than they usually do, because they are more stimulating and more persistent. If you are in telepathic synch with a daemon, often your first clue is recurrent dreams. The daemon usually remains as an abstraction in the dream space though. A weird indefinable spot in the dream like part of the dream scene being blanked out or missing. The daemon is conscious on this level so usually avoids disturbing the human.

The second way people experience daemonic contact and communication is like a sub-vocal message in their internal dialogue. Like a viral command prompt that when it’s strong enough can make you feel like your hand is acting on its own, or make you look at something you were avoiding. It doesn’t actually show up as language, because it’s structured more like cellular code than conscious mental algorithms.

Sometimes I hear someone shout my name in my head like they’re trying to get my attention. Not impossible it’s a daemon, but just as possible it’s a deva or some remote splinter of your mind as well. Shall we work on identifying which it is?

Mental shouts from devas are accompanied by emotion, feelings of serenity or elation, sometimes only mild. It’s from them, but inspired in you. They like to do that to humans. They think every human needs to be kept blissful if they can.

If it was daemon, it would register more like an implant in your mind like someone making you watch a television clip. And if it’s a mental splinter, it will have signs of your own personality or experience. It will feel predictable like a voice you could have heard. Something within the realm of your normal experience, if not occurring in a logical way or a understandable time. It any of these? Did it feel emotional or sort of sterile like media? The voice unusually pleasant like it’s happy for you? Like a Buddha talking in your head or just friendly?

Mine has the attitude of like, “Hey! Pay attention!” It could be my father. Yes. It is possible it’s a human contact as well.

I’ve heard that too, someone calling my name. A melodious female voice. I haven’t noticed feeling any emotion. Usually, I’m doing something and I look up. A splinter? It does have a happy sort of sound to it. Friendly like an announcement is about to be made. Ok. Yours in a mind splinter. The difference between my mind and yours is there is a stronger hedge between parts of my mind. So their independent function is stronger, but they don’t cooperate as well. This is also why I can isolate and examine parts of my experience so well. Just keep what I’m looking at in it’s origin sector until I want to let it copy elsewhere. Honestly, normal cognition has always struck me as sounding like an acid trip. Sort of like living the movie “Easy Rider“ but only after the censors got a hold of it, or perhaps “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

Then the last way humans experience daemons. Sometimes, and in key places, a daemon will set up shop. A sort of nest in a nexus of energies. Hell, we all have to eat right? But where the daemon makes a home, reality there seems off. Somehow broken though people can’t quite put their finger on it. Anyone ever experience this?

That sounds like a Lovecraft story. The house where the angles are all off. Lovecraft was pretty intuitive, but took a lot of creative license as well. Honestly, Lovecraft’s imagery is a bit Mickey Mouse in my experience. Cute and entertaining but hard to take seriously.

But besides places they set up shop, you can also sense daemonic activity. When they walk about, whole communities often get into really strange moods. They don’t turn evil or any such nonsense. More like rats behave when they sense there is something wrong with the ship, skittish and defensive in a generalized sense. They sense a disturbance in the matrix, if you will. This doesn’t feel like normal human unrest, and after such a disturbance people often report strange turns of good luck. This is the origin of concepts like the dance of Shiva, or if you prefer things Celtic, the wild hunt. Spooky day or night. Then where there was turmoil, you wind up having peace.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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