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Perhaps all the moralism, and all the self sanctified enlightenment is in its way the biggest fuel for the evils they themselves deride?

Daemonic Phase Of Reality in Daemons


To relate the daemons existence, I will have to resort to metaphor as their existence and their consciousness don’t take structures that clearly translate to our own.

They are aware of our place in time and other sectors of time and space that are connected to our world. For them, it’s a big web of pathways. An infrastructure of tangible reality. The earths path around the sun is like a garden walkway, and they switch back and forth freely on any path in the garden of our worlds existence.

In our early development they took a hand in our evolution as they saw humanity sprouting up on a great many of the world lines. So they figured they would attempt an intervention to smooth things for the entire world. Daemons are not a unified class of entities. They don’t all subscribe to the same agenda so they are of mixed reactions to humans now.

Are one class of daemons also called The Watchers? One class is, yes, and they even started the nephilim strain in the human genome. The entity that some cultures called Pazuzu. This being goes by different names as do his cohorts. They still engage in genetic tinkering from time to time, but their grasp of human physical structure is imperfect. Good, but lacking in some key areas.

Daemons are highly intelligent even though they are primordial? Many are, yes. Their potential for intelligence corresponds to the physical laws governing their consciousness, or should I say metaphysical, and the non differentiation of quantum structures in their phase allows for what we might consider hyper-computation. To them it’s just natural, and they have a hard time really understanding human sentience. Much like humans, as bemused as they are at the structure of bird song, they can’t bring themselves to admit that it’s language. This is why daemonic behaviour often seems evil from a human point of view.

Now the structure and activity of the daemonic phase of reality does interact with our own. There is a universal interface across the board. As complicated as our world is as a whole, it is still whole. So they navigate their equivalent structures in our world and their actions manifest as seemingly inexplicable events in our world. This is why the ancient Greeks considered daemons to be the intermediaries between humans and the Gods. To them, you didn’t have a guardian angel, you had a guardian daemon. The other word for daemon is genius. This is why daemons have so many connections to education.

And devas are different from daemons in what way? Devas exist as what we would consider primarily psychic entities, embodied consciousness, where daemons are sentient quantum potential. This is why humanity is seeing what looks so much like sentience behind atomic activity these days though daemons are not the only intelligences influencing these things.

We are? The observer effect occurs even without human intervention. They see phenomenon that arise and cease that are suggestive of some sort of quantum switching or intervention though most dismiss it as coincidence arising in their own observations.

So daemons are lower in structure and devas are higher in structure, like quarks vs. molecules? More like hyper structural versus infra structural, equally complex.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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