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I will say I worship nothing, and yet I love a lot more. Love is very simple. There is a process of affinity. A natural sense of connectedness to life and those we encounter. It varies a lot and we can deliberately engage it.

Sense Of Spectrum in Daemons


Just outside of the planets life aura, there is a belt of consciousness that permeates the local hyperspace nexus. The planets aura bends a dimension of pure consciousness energy.

There are entities that exist in this space in relationship to earth as well. They often manifest as beings descending from the sky. They were often thought to govern the weather or illness or fertility, and were considered sources of divine revelation as well. Generally, these beings have sought to foster the health of the planets life field. These would be the devic or angelic beings. They aren’t confined to the sky, nor are they limited by space or geography. They just move in ways that seem to defy what we consider natural geometry.

When in the presence of devic entities humans often report feeling uplifted or inspired though sometimes the intensity of this mental shift is frightening to the one experiencing it.

Like those orbs that people see? Yes. Those are minor manifestations of devic life.

Now the structure of the universe is not present in orderly bands. There are no circles of heaven or hell. Instead, the phases of reality sort of smear together. This blending is necessary for the stability of the whole universe, but there is a sense of spectrum. Humans instinctively recognize it also in what we would, for lack of a better term, call an earlier phase of creation. A sort of dream time like structure of reality.

There exist entities both like the devic forms and the first natives. The first natives of earth would be called daemons. They exist in a more primal, elemental way than current forms, and their realm of activity is atemporal. The time dimple we exist in didn’t exist at this point, nor did the planetary body itself. Earth space in their phase is a plasma, an intense nebulaic cloud. People have described this in a lot of ways, and although daemons are not as chatty as devas, there is sporadic telepathic contact.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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