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The best searching will be done alone even in a marketplace of teachers, because they can’t sell you your own soul. When you see your own path clearly, then you see life differently.

Infect Reality in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

The stream or thread of spirit activity in the earth is coherent and intelligible. It can be read in bird and whale song, in plate tectonic shifts, in lightning storm activity.

Such coherence makes science possible. Exactly.

Why it seems to defy human notions of morality is that it doesn’t function on the level of individual life forms. The plight of human beings exists as one with the plight of penguins and that of fruit flies and the ebola virus. The shifts behave in such a way as to preserve the overall fabric of life on this planet.

There is no flight from plight for us mortals. Yes. Which often leads to the force in nature that I equate with nature reproducing the plight, even if it at first seemed avoided. Action has consequences, sounds create echoes.

“Life is trouble; only death is not; To be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble.” Zorba the Greek. Actually, as for death, as that is also a part of nature, life is the shallows of the spirit force. The calm pools still enough to allow the coherence that we take for granted as everyday life. But with time, every life form becomes more and more resonant with the collective force of spirit in nature.

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Take your physical body and turn up the volume as high as you can. Eventually, the force of that sound is so great it ceases to be distinguishable as an independent noise. This is why it’s disadvantageous to ignore spiritual issues while alive. Imagine a horror movie or tear jerking drama amplified in all its qualities, emotional impact, visceral suffering, confusion, fear, a scream so loud it merges with the scream of agony given voice by everything and everyone who has ever suffered.

Suppress it and bury it in your body while alive and it bursts out to confront you at at death? Exactly. Your personal hologram is amplified and projected back onto the event horizon of the emergence point.

Our reactions feed back into the system? It initiates a handshake response, an “embrace.” Your statement as you transition back into the spirit state of being brings a response from the entire universe. The cosmos is looking at itself in a mirror and asking, “Where did I come from?”

This “feels” like a quest, that the cosmos itself is on a quest, toward balance, symmetry, perfection, and every particular thing is that mirror! Yes, exactly. Countless sephiroth to use a term from kabbalah. Like chaos? What is more chaotic than infinite symmetry characterized by only subtle variations, divergence of angle?

As we read from the book of nature, we learn more of where we came from? Exactly.

Some say that’s how all of this happened! Imperfect symmetry. And we can come to see the spaces our spirit moves through. Things that seem to happen to us begin to seem more like they happen because of us. If you experience cold when you walk into a convenience store refrigerator, did something do that to you?

We’re reaching beyond substance? Yes. The cosmos is reaching out a hand while staring in that mirror, and another hand reaches to take it.

Can we go deeper if we realize this is happening? We can. Like do the secret handshake? Yes. And manifest? It’s what leads to proper manifestation. Thought form manipulation by itself is inadequate, but I guess you do have to start somewhere, and can stumble into the space even if you don’t realize where you are going.

So we get it and it kind of updates us and affects our circumstances? Yes. One can come to “infect” reality like a computer virus. There is mention of such beings, often former humans, the Chinese immortals, the Buddha’s. This transcendence doesn’t come from any form of struggle, neither does it come from any form of abdication. You don’t get to just bow out and somehow be free. You have to be willing. You have to be will. You have to be life. So you do that by using what you have. You use what you have by first realizing that your idea of use has been using you.

You have much more than a hammer, much more than a scalpel, without the space around the hammer no work can be done.

Without the space in the bowl, it can hold nothing. Exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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