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Life is lived in moments.

Spirit Storm in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

The behaviour of the spirit plays out in our world like a storm over the sea. The spirit moves in waves or storm fronts over our world, touching on each and every thing, and manifesting differently in outcomes perhaps much the same as a physical storm has different outcomes for different creatures. This spirit storm triggers energies and thus behaviours we consider to be the activities we call thought and feeling as well as action.

But the spirit storm doesn’t itself contain thought and feeling, nor does it dictate these things or what exactly they will be. What it does do is stimulate the core structure of each life form in specific ways that serve as perceptual and emotional keys, like a hormone stimulating your brain cells. The spirit storm is like light or electricity. The light may hurt my eyes, but draw you out into the open. The lightning may make your nerves go on edge, but soothe me.

And our reactions physically and emotionally are ways of understanding the spirit? Indeed.

From whence the homoeostasis? That is a good question. Remember that emergence locus I spoke of earlier? It’s flows act sort of like solar weather, but it’s existence is of such a high degree of order that it is entropy free. So its energies maintain balance throughout all systems, all universes.

Is this flow intelligent? Not unitarily. It is the source for the intelligence event, and for all events like the intelligence event. There is a level of reality where substance behaves more like an artificial intelligence than does our own, and there is another level of reality where our own intelligence looks like the reasoning of a character in a dream rather than solid consciousness. This emergence force precedes deities, and needs the imperfections to fully express its own energy.

“Entropy free” suggests a perfect symmetry in the “spirit” realm. Actually, I favour a bit of tumult among the deities myself (sorry about stacking the metaphors here) but “my” cosmos is quite chaotic.

What are we defining as intelligence? Self-awareness? Buddhists call it the one light. Perhaps it can be called formless or void consciousness? But back to earth…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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