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Want to be great? Want to be a marvellous success? Be willing to be an utter failure, and realize that neither is you. You are powerful beyond measure. Fearing making mistakes is also fearing miracles.

Spirit is Emergence in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

Shall we bring this back down to earth?

The process I describe on the cosmic level plays out on earth, although in miniature. Our earth behaves like a germ or seed cell of the larger process. The threads of the cosmos play out in a select pattern allowing life to manifest specifically here in this time and space.

Earth as microcosm? As “above” so “below”? Exactly, but our earth holds only those threads that are capable of operating in harmony with each other. We have a simple selection of spiritual DNA the multiverse uses, metaphorically speaking. The human concepts of harmony and disharmony don’t reflect the music of reality very well. If there was cosmic disharmony on our planet then the process of evolution would experience such a disjunction that all we would have would be complex multi-cellular amorphous colonies of proto-life, mega amoebas and nothing more.

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But our earth holds only those threads that are capable of operating in harmony with each other? The interplay of energies allowing for a dissipation of waste, or noise pattern, and thus preservation of the original coherence. High quality sound. Earth’s reality needs good acoustics.

Reality is consistent? Yes. Even in the process of dissipating noise, the coherent light subsumes simple short instances of disruptive noise. The hologram shows the blueprint even while the substance might bear flaws. Flaws are transitory. The greater weight or inertia of the first impulse acts to mediate discontinuity over time. This is why reality exists in substance. We exist as we do in substance because of what substance allows. Spirit is emergence. It has to have a field to express in.

I use the term flaw as one might speak of a flaw in a gemstone. They alter refraction of light and sonic resonance, and in time lead to the alteration of the structure of the gem itself. The cookie eventually crumbles. This is a behaviour of substance. We need the nature of substance and the laws of its behaviour, but we, our actions and awareness stem from spirit, yin and yang.

Nature needs to be open enough to be able to cope with disasters right? Nature is open and thus there are disasters.

Spirit = yin? Spirit is yang. Substance is yin. Thus substance changes form under the pressure of spirit.

Is spirit female? Gender is a feature of substance. This is why we have to use metaphors to describe the behaviour of spirit, because spirit is only perceptible to us through the prism of substance, like the sun seen up through the surface of the sea.

Spirit being the combination of both male and female? Spirit is undifferentiated. It seeks substance to express difference.

Where does substance come from? Substance is the foundation of all existence. Spirit is it’s life blood.

Substance just is? It is as an echo to spirit. Consider a dolphins echolocation. Though they can see and feel and taste and smell, their echolocation sense reflects back a picture of what the world would look like hollow, as if it had no substance. Their ultrasound pings see you from the inside out. Substance is the shadow echo I spoke of earlier, the figment of spirits imagination.

Light/darkness? Light and potential light, potential and kinetic life actualization.

Would this be the void? The void is beyond substance as we know it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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