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Force Behind Emergence in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

The reason there is so much diversity in life is that the primary energy or force behind the process of emergence contains more patterns of expression than can be expressed in any single instance. Life functioning as a vast multi-organism, each life form behaving as a part of something perhaps unimaginably complex.

The universe is a big engine. If one part is faulty the whole thing is off. Actually, nothing on this scale can fall into error. All manifestations of substance obey the impulse or cause of the force I am speaking of. So when we perceive error, what is manifesting is the necessary inertia of the immeasurable potential of the first force.

Buddhist argue that there is no single cause. There is no unitary cause, I would agree.

Numeric structure is a manifestation not of spirit but of substance. Substance behaves as a crystallizing factor. The energy moving into and through it refracts, and in that process slows down. Imagine a burst of energy so intense that it exhausts all further potential for energy because it has consumed all resources, sort of an instant heat death, total entropy. This is the ongoing state of substance at the zero point. The energy is so intense that there is no apparent energy. No matter can endure this wave of energy.

Energy has been released though in the form of heat and light? Actually, the zero point exists prior to dimensional space as we know it, and the release of energy permeated not only our own plane but all others as well.

This precedes the big bang? It is the force behind any big bang like event, the breeder reactor in which big bang events could occur.

Now the spread of this supra-luminal light like energy would have created a holographic imprint perhaps like an old fashioned photo-negative. This inverse imprints of proto-structures are non-entities by themselves, sort of hyper dimensional footprints in which all other beings could take form.

Light was the first element? Something like light, not the light we know in the conventional sense. This flash pattern would have given rise to patterns of chained resonance akin to the Australian aboriginal song-lines.

So the “music of the spheres” is more than a metaphor? Exactly.

Time is fractal, recursive, and it gives rise to seasons and things like seasons. This time energy is flowing along the initial imprint made by the proto-forms. They are not themselves independent entities but their structure gives rise to complex bodies of activity that arise in their echo manifestations. Humanity imitates the spirits or gods.

Cycles make more sense than anything directionless. Cycles are pretty much self-sufficient. Nothing in nature exists without some kind of repetition. What goes in has to go out. Persistence over time is simply repetition of the emergence event. This is why we can perceive structures that arise in nature that exist independently of material cause, and cannot be explained by the behaviour of things like DNA alone.

Substance as we define it conventionally seems to have traits, but I offer that it doesn’t actually. The seeming ability of genetics to impart traits to individuals doesn’t arise from DNA by itself. The information preceded the formation of DNA.

Spirit before form? Yes, and form follows intention. Intention follows those first tensions set up by the emergence event.

I thought they were there together. They were there in parallel, one permeating the other.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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