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Perhaps all the moralism, and all the self sanctified enlightenment is in its way the biggest fuel for the evils they themselves deride?

What is Nature? in Book of Nature

Book of Nature

Today’s subject of Nature is sort of an extension of the previous class on reading from the book of nature. I will focus more on the meaning behind it all and what it might mean if one strengthened their ability to do this.

I will start first though with an important question, as a philosophical exploration must use some agreement of terms to have any chance on being helpful at all. That question is, What is nature?

Our experience of pattern.

That which is not artifice?

Organic form.

Something created and free flowing.

Ever notice the apparent fluidity of nature? The apparent transcendence of principles across boundaries dictated strictly by form. There are schools of thought that distinguish between nature and substance. For some there is no difference. The original word was natura meaning essence, and before that literally birth. We ourselves might use the word spirit.

In almost all creation myths there is a division between the created form and the creative essence, and even a distinction between the nature of the two. Most myths recount a precondition that we can most clearly describe as chaos, be that metaphor a boundless sea or an open night sky, a formless state of material existence, the prima materia of alchemical lore. At this stage, there is no meaningful differentiation, all just indistinct substance. There was a movement in this state of indistinct substance, a spirit in the substance or matter, that would over time come to shape everything we know as existence now. The two different fields of existence behave independently of each other.

So spirit would be consciousness? Spirit precedes consciousness.

Substance and spirit. Substance as we know it does not exist independently of all other possible states of substance. Each realm of substance being a simple partition of a collective flow, water flowing along the river bed. There is even more and more evidence that our universe is experiencing a sort of cosmic slide. That a force is carrying the substance of our universe in a definite direction, rather than just expanding out in all directions.

I thought the universe is directionless. There is evidence suggesting it is not. In all odds, we are moving along a toru (torus, donut shape) similar perhaps to the circulation in an egg or human body. They theorize it’s some sort of gravity.

The dynamics that surface in matter seem independent of the raw nature of matter itself. Effectively, nothing explains why the substance of your form takes the shape of a human being rather than so much earth and water. There is no evidence to suggest that organisms evolve independently of each other, or have even the smallest chance of surviving independently of each other. There is a chain of action and reaction, or interaction, that touches every form of life on our planet.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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