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Conflict Between Science and Religion

Scientific Conflict of Interest

There is a notion held in common these days by many people, that there is somehow a conflict between science and religion. I would acknowledge that currently there is social tension between avowed atheists and members of any religion, even… Seek More

Religion as Inspiration for Understanding

Scientific Conflict of Interest

I will ask you friends, do you feel the larger scientific community acts with philosophical integrity? There are some scientific thinkers that do advance the notion that scientific discovery will offer change as regards society and human social ills. It… Seek More

Science without Guidance is Aimless

Scientific Conflict of Interest

Would you say the state of science as a social entity is a stable and positive influence in today’s world? Not as a social entity, no. As they say, any scientific advancement can be used for good or ill, so… Seek More

Inspired and Motivated by Religion

Scientific Conflict of Interest

Let’s take a step back from science… Someone noted that religion gave us something better than the pre-existing barbarity. Lets’ run with that. I personally agree with that in part. Even archaeologically many of the innovations we attribute to advanced… Seek More

We Are Aimless!?

Scientific Conflict of Interest

With the rise of industrialism, there was a vested interest in it not for the greater good of mankind, but because of the potential for financial gain and the political instability that could cause, giving those who succeeded a chance… Seek More

Early Morale Officers

Scientific Conflict of Interest

There is a reason primitive tribes saw the emergence of the shaman. We originally recognized and even shared a vision of an intuitively understood world. People look for someone to guide them. Life is scary. Actually no, not my point… Seek More

Schools of Atomism

Platonic Solids

Atomism was metaphysics before it was ever incorporated into what we call science now. It grew out of lines of thinking about the ultimate substance of reality, and took many forms in both western and eastern culture. There were two… Seek More

Atomic Structure is the Emergent Quality


Our current atomic theory is really a neo-atomism. We don’t actually interact directly with any little particles, and they provide no solid empirical evidence that they even exist. Why scientists continue to use an atomist model is it explains the… Seek More

Information as the Basis of Life


Hmm, may I show you a quick video?  I have been talking about this is classes, though the technological emphasis of the video is fuzzy. Cool concept. I liked when the computer chip turned in to a lotus. Slingshot …… Seek More

Attune to the Heart of Nature


Where do we go in life through thinking as we commonly understand it? Has your thinking ever changed your life? It leads to routine. Sometimes for the worse. Perhaps for the worse in that it tends to blind us at… Seek More