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Interesting Questions in Science in Monadic Intelligence

Monadic Intelligence

Can we find disorganized matter anywhere? Even air and fire form what are called condensates, galactic gas does the same. Is this not strange?

Perhaps a better question, could the principles allowing for consciousness have been absent before consciousness emerged? Can we look at matter and identify those principles as being present in some things but not others? Matter in one form or another is present everywhere, even in what they call spontaneous particles, energy that only briefly acts like a particle before negating itself with its shadow, its anti-particle.

They are asking some interesting questions in science these days. What in science explains why matter and energy are finite? Why are there so few forms of matter? And why are only an even fewer number of material states stable? They have discovered that there are atom like structures that form but exist only briefly. Something in our environment causes these things to collapse on themselves. Heavier states of helium being an example. There are heavier forms of hydrogen, but we never “see” them because they can’t persist long enough to form what we perceive to be matter.

High-energy colliders show us many of these forms. Oh, we can see them. I mean they never form mundane objects. You won’t see a heavy hydrogen cloud.

Especially when you consider that mystery, gravity. Indeed, gravity is a huge mystery still. All we know is that matter tends to form masses, and masses have weight.

Actually, one of the strangest things is considering how touchy the conditions for the emergence of life on this planet are. Why did they happen at all? There are too many factors that had to be exactly right to allow even single celled life to occur.

What is a virus? It seems to have purpose, drives, even to evolve over time.

A very tiny “living” thing. Yes. We typically define viruses as living things. In more recent science we have even encountered protein strains that seem to have nothing in common with viruses and behave just like them. Mad cow disease. What is the difference between a virus and the sugar in your coffee?

Both are trying to kill me? Prepare it right and anthrax becomes a visible powder, and still very able to infect you.

An urge for self-preservation? All of reality has an urge toward self-preservation. I offer that we don’t yet adequately understand what self-preservation is. They are observing in physics its tendency to self-correct, self-organize. There are whole branches of physics that deal primarily with the self-organization.

How can we be conscious without self-organization? What mechanism allows for awareness or intelligence that wasn’t a pre-existing structure?

Perhaps morphic fields? Those exist implicitly, co-dependently of the physical systems they help shape.

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Travis Saunders
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