'Monadic Intelligence' Chapter

Klein Bottle

We think of things as past, but if passing means death, are you dead yet? You have an awful lot of memory, moments past, matter that was in your body that has passed. That dust around your house? That’s mostly you. There is no past. There is no extinction of consciousness, just differences in phase.

Everything is connected to the “Tao” which is not the landscape, but the river flowing over the landscape. The multiverse is so full of diversity that if we could see it all the wonders would just blur together. They are all masks for a face that has no real name, because it can’t be named by a single label.

“Wisdom and deep intelligence require an honest appreciation of mystery.” Thomas Moore (Irish Poet , 1779-1852)

Thought, Energy, Awareness

There are a great many theories regarding what reality might be. I will be sharing my own this evening and touching upon various elements of science and metaphysics on the way. How far back should we go? I will start… Seek More

Interesting Questions in Science

Can we find disorganized matter anywhere? Even air and fire form what are called condensates, galactic gas does the same. Is this not strange? Perhaps a better question, could the principles allowing for consciousness have been absent before consciousness emerged?… Seek More

Sensory Processes are Quantum Processes

Well, perhaps an explanatory sidetrack if that’s all right. They have discovered that photons that lose entanglement retain a “memory” of their previously entangled state. Be deliberately generating entangled photons and retaining one of the particles while projecting the other.… Seek More

Memory of Us

Nature loves conserving information. The point that if you nuke a place, the shadow of those far enough from the immediate detonation can be burned permanently onto a wall say, or a rock, interesting no? In our own bodies there is… Seek More

Life in Code

Shall we move on to codes? Some scientists are asking, do we live in a computer simulation? I can see why that may seem likely, but to my point of view we do not live in a computer simulation. Math… Seek More

No Extinction of Consciousness

There is another phenomenon in physics that relates here. When you broadcast a light beam out to an object, there is a wave that returns on the same path as the original traveled. This creates what would be seen by… Seek More

No Fixed Form

Is anything “new” under the sun? Well, in that things can become radically different, then the answer is yes. New as in stand out in the flow of time/probability, then no. The multiverse is so full of diversity that if… Seek More