Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Memory of Us in Monadic Intelligence

Monadic Intelligence

Nature loves conserving information. The point that if you nuke a place, the shadow of those far enough from the immediate detonation can be burned permanently onto a wall say, or a rock, interesting no? In our own bodies there is enough energy to destroy a city the size of one of the world’s major metropoli many times over, and in the length of our lives we are exposed to, we absorb and express almost immeasurably more energy.

We have a lot of gravity as far as information is concerned. All energy we express is coherent. It is made coherent by both our perception and its conversion through our brains. Our experience, the energy we send out, has the memory of us still encoded on it. The air you breath still has your energy encoded on it. Your own genetic material has the memory not only of your parents but all of your ancestors on it, and all your pre-human ancestors as well. Everything you have eaten, and has had an impact on your genetics through epigenetic influence, has the memory of what it came from on it. You become what you eat.

What is the difference between a memory and your current experience? It’s even demonstrable that you don’t even have direct experience of anything. It’s all filtered through previous experience, memories.

How do we know we are alive? How do you know that you are living an experience versus remembering it? Do you know when you are remembering something in your dreams? Do you ever remember anything in your dreams?

If the life flashback phenomenon occurs, and there’s evidence that it may very well occur, then how do you know it isn’t happening right now, and this life you think is currently happening isn’t just flashing before your eyes as your neurons unplug from each other due to oxygen deprivation?

Who are the dead really? Where have the dead supposedly been lost to? Those we remember also remember us. Incarnation is memory, and something has to do the remembering. All this matter that retains information, how is that different from human consciousness?

We think of things as past, but if passing means death, are you dead yet? You have an awful lot of memory, moments past, matter that was in your body that has passed. That dust around your house? That’s mostly you. How many copies of you are in that dust? How many copies of you are in your yard or your office?

The matter even gets recycled, but it can’t behave any differently in the new form than it did in you. The earth worm is behaving according to the same laws of biology that you do. It remembers you.

And it will remember me again when I am lying in its earth. It will indeed, or its offspring whose genetics were formed from the matter of your own skin.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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