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Sensory Processes are Quantum Processes in Monadic Intelligence

Monadic Intelligence

Well, perhaps an explanatory sidetrack if that’s all right.

They have discovered that photons that lose entanglement retain a “memory” of their previously entangled state. Be deliberately generating entangled photons and retaining one of the particles while projecting the other.

Inertia” at a micro-scale? In a sense, yes. When the projected photons return, they show much less noise than our regular system generates, a much more accurate picture of what was photographed. The biggest part of our brain is dedicated to visual processing. Even in the case of the blind, that part of the brain still generates sensory models that are like pictures.

Could be an explanation, of sorts, for “ghosts”? Indeed, it can.

There is no evidence that this memory is or can be lost, and physics as a coherent theory is dependent on it. They have discovered that many processes they insisted could not possibly be quantum phenomenon, actually are, like plant photosynthesis for one example, or bird flock coherence. They have even discovered a pigment in the eye that is magnetically sensitive, and although it doesn’t register as a conventional visual image, it does impact the brain. There is even a whole phenomenon called blindsight. Even if the process that lets the brain process its “video” is disabled, the brain continues to recognize other forms of input from the eyes, even translating its meaning. With selective brain damage an individual would not be able to see you, see anything visual about you, but they would know if you were frowning or smiling at them. Interesting, no?

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Now I am using this as the gateway to our personal understanding of the memory phenomenon. I offer that all sensory processes are quantum processes. Our ability to discern pitch, even display what is called perfect pitch, and all the rest of it. Everything we experience is actually a memory. Memory patterns encoded on the matter around us. It’s even a second hand memory when you account for human neural lag. Sound travels faster than a nerve signal does. Our neurons change shape and form new synapses through a process that involves the reconfiguration of tiny structures in them called microtubuals.

We “live” in our past(s). We do indeed, but not only do these micro-tubules form the skeleton of our neurons, they serve as channels for molecular transmission between our cells.

But this is not the quantum level you spoke of earlier? Well, the micro-tubule is just above the quantum. It’s a nano structure, a springy protein structure, and when a photon hits our retina, these micro-tubules are small enough that they experience a quantum level resonance, which they only translate into a gross chemical and electrical signal.

I ponder “resonance,” “resistance,” and “emergence.” All parts of the same cycle.

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Travis Saunders
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