There is stillness in the world and there is stillness in the mind. They echo each other. The observer and the observed.

No Fixed Form in Monadic Intelligence

Klein Bottle

Is anything “new” under the sun? Well, in that things can become radically different, then the answer is yes. New as in stand out in the flow of time/probability, then no.

The multiverse is so full of diversity that if we could see it all the wonders would just blur together. They are all masks for a face that has no real name, because it can’t be named by a single label. It has no fixed form so all these breakthrough events serve to show us only its silhouette, its movement. It’s so far outside of time and space, that we can only see the hints of its presence.

Ultimately our reality is a fruit on a tree, which itself will be recycled in time, and remembered in the new reality.

Perhaps time itself will be recycled? Ah, time is the recycling process. The bones left over from the body. In fact, the fossils are later used to help renovate the infrastructure of the universe. All new universes are built along the time chain of other universes. Time is the macrocosmic parallel to our brains microtubules, and it self-fluctuates under pressure from outside stimuli, energy it receives from its terminal points.

So, energetic influences are infinite, but there’s a direction to this flowing? Yes, the complete pattern is a torus. It’s a sun, sort of, more like the singularity they say gave rise to our universe. It exists now, as well as all the other stages, all now.

I feel a Big Bang coming on. That’s what gives rise to minds. The big bang was a big aha! This is why you feel like you have a world inside your mind. You do.

Revolve an infinity symbol around its center and you get a shape like a torus, but no hole in the center. Yes, exactly, well said. There is no hole. There is a multiplexed all.

It’s another version of a Klein bottle. Yes. That is how multiverses link, which I guess would just make them an expanded multiverse.

They cross over in the center? Yes. They all cross over at the “well”, the kiva. We have a lot of symbols for it.

Klein bottle. Yes, that works also. The genie never gets out of the body, bottle even, they want in. They go in and experience it as going out.

To use a Star Trek example, everyone familiar with the Q?

I liked that character. Character and characters. They were all Q. They did not get outside of space and time. They got inside it, under its skin. The reason they seem to have godlike powers, is not because they are outside of the universe and can act on it, in any way unmake it. They had no ability to break reality. Having gone within they see reality from the inside out.

Sort of like Neo in The Matrix, they see the code of reality. Yes, indeed.

In Farscape, the wormholes were the traffic lanes between. They seemed to be able to warp reality just because they were moving possibility, causing already possible things to emerge into normal space. Moving from their continuum into our world like we might move a coffee cup across our desk. It would be all very amusing to watch the native creatures react, but very mundane from their point of view. Another example would be the Ascended from the Stargate TV series.

So till next time friends, be well. Wellbeing depends on it. Health needs you.

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Travis Saunders
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