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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

No Extinction of Consciousness in Monadic Intelligence

Monadic Intelligence

There is another phenomenon in physics that relates here. When you broadcast a light beam out to an object, there is a wave that returns on the same path as the original traveled. This creates what would be seen by us as noise, but all it is is memory. Any given object has more states than its apparent state. So when the returning wave seems to break up the original light signal, it’s simply because the object both is and is not what it appears to be. Both is an apple and is other thing besides an apple.

Human consciousness that has undergone the transformation we think of as death is recorded on the environment around us.

Anything can be anything? No. There is a logic to it, a geometry or geography if you will. The things we see as present, are present for us, but not present for what we think of as previous beings. A house that isn’t there for us is there for those who in their time it was present. It’s just as real for them as the empty space is for us.

The returning wave canceled it out? It cancels it out only for us. Their time and our time are both physically present, and the rhyme and reason of their existence has an impact on us. Many who revere their ancestors also perceive that their ancestors still affect their lives currently. Grandma is watching over them and stuff like that. I offer that they are right.

It seems there is a powerful force for “balance” in nature and in the universe in general both macro and micro. It’s true and necessary for coherence.

Our present is the future that our ancestors were leading up to. Our present was their potential. Where is the separation in the energy?

None. So we shape them as much as they shape us. We live them as much as they live us.

There is no past. There is no extinction of consciousness, just differences in phase, bend of the flow, and the flow is omni-directional, just like a spilled drop of water. What makes an event happen is the collective impact not of just the current set of observers, but the gravity of all observers in all times and places. This is why things can’t accurately be described in mathematical terms, not in any absolute sense. Just as when you let splash a drop of water on a complex surface it can and does move in many complex ways, every drop of energy moves across a complex surface of observer entities, loci of consciousness.

It’s more like fluid computing than decision gate based computing. Water droplets can have multiple states, and they transfer information about their state to any other droplet they should happen to contact. Your point of view adds color to everyone else’s without your intention, without your consent. It’s just the way reality is structured.

So, everything is connected in this way? Yes, indeed, everything is connected to the “Tao” which is not the landscape, but the river flowing over the landscape.

This sounds like art or writing stories. The best ones come when you let them flow instead of forcing what doesn’t want to be. They used to refer to natural science and magick as the great art, alchemy, things like that. The general attitude held at the time by those seeking that kind of understanding was inclusive, holistic, rather than divisionary like it is today.

So art as defined by “one question has many answers”, yes, it’s art. It also has the potential to be science, because there is still a range of principles behind it that give us some ability to predict behavior based on it. Otherwise we would never have survived. We never could have predicted possibilities well enough to avoid self-destruction, or just going extinct under the pressures of nature. Our ancestors did this with intuition. We do it differently now. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s any better, but we build things by taking one thing and adding it to another. Is there any other way to create things?

Subtraction, multiplication, division? These explore, reshape. They don’t result in a new unit. We don’t even get mutation by multiplication alone.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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