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Expand Your Consciousness in Portals


How normal humans engineer their consciousness amazes me. They have such a firm foundation, and such potentially agile minds, great possible range of perception, yet they do everything they can to prevent that, seal every path, make that cell as tight as they possibly can. I do wonder when the cenobites will emerge and what it will take to make that happen. So far I’m not sure my noise making is enough.

Would you say drug use expands their minds or closes it off more? Closes it off more, reinforces the feedback loop that has come about from the collapse of the extended mind so they wind up tripping out about angels and demons and aliens and government conspiracies rather than noticing anything in the actual psychic environment around them. I do think it is possible to use drugs as an aid to unlock the consciousness, but there is an important element that remains missing.

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Pretty much in all cases, the shaman would continue to do and say strange things while the initiate was tripping on mescaline say, holding and directing the initiates attention, making certain to disrupt any noise from the psychic cloud. Often the shaman themselves required no drug. They had the awareness emerge from severe trauma, disease or genetic inheritance. So see the necessity of the missing relationship in the drug assisted journey?

Yes. More or less the drug tripper needs a psycho-pomp. Guidance. A guide of souls. Though I do acknowledge it is possible that natural plant intelligence may step in as a guide, I would still not advise people to do that as elemental beings are just as likely to lose patience and hurt you, or just not recognize your needs and limitations even if they are providing coherent experience and information. Humanity has lost a lot of friends in nature. It does have a memory and consciousness, even if dreaming. Asleep here is quite active there.

Places of power would be better supports. Seeking out those locations of open context can do much to open a willing mind. In a sense, these places are logistical portals into human consciousness. They have already discovered the impact that dark deep caves would have on the brain. It alters sensory behaviour a great deal. Darkness apparently sharpens hearing a great deal, if given time, then if you muffle hearing. Proprioceptive awareness gets that impact. You feel your own being more. Touch is the first sense that ever develops for us, and though it doesn’t seem like it it does have the most universal potential. All the rest are progressively more limiting. So the cave entrance is a portal.

This explains how nature is so restorative for us in general.

Have I covered the topic of portals clearly and adequately?

Yes, very well, thank you.

A last bit… They say travel is broadening, and this is the essence of practical use of the portal effect. Exposure to event models educates the subconscious mind not about event models themselves, but about its sense of self in shifting event environments. You develop a sense of touch regarding event models. A sense of presence in the entire event pattern.

As the Chinese say, if you can’t meditate, travel. They do indeed.

As you develop this sense of your event body, this sense of touch, this touch for how things can occur at any moment, you can learn to alter your posture in the whole flow of events. Capitalize on the telegraphic/holographic/holistic nature of causality. With a subtle shift of your centre of balance, your attitude/posture/locus of control/focus of attention, you can learn to deliberately finesse the flow, skew the exchange of energy in that situation, and alter the general environment around it in a desirable way. It’s little different than touching something before you give it a push. Sound impossible?

No. The hard part is that it’s too easy. Letting go is hard.

It would be difficult I think. As difficult as learning to walk was when we began. But the things being effected are largely just as passive as the elements involved in walking were. The difference between resistant and supportive is really only a point of view.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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