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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Life in Code in Monadic Intelligence

Shall we move on to codes?

Some scientists are asking, do we live in a computer simulation? I can see why that may seem likely, but to my point of view we do not live in a computer simulation.

Math has an interesting quirk about it, no system of math can be both entirely consistent and entirely complete. So as much as mathematical patterns can emerge in our reality, there continues to be something that defies math, and this shows up in our neuroscience, in our psychological understanding. We just can’t craft an algorithm that has any real predictive power when it comes to the behavior of living things. It takes thousands of genes to even understand the emergence of the aggression mechanism in fruit flies, and I will offer that they really still don’t, because that can mutate either along its original path or complimentary path so quickly that the understanding still outstrips computation.

Not only do particles retain memory of their formerly entangled state, the remembered show up even in our machines. They live on in the traces they leave on the internet, but they also leave traces in how we shape our art and our crafts.

I experience projected codes. Ah indeed, they are there. The “remembered” still have language.

Out of body and into the swarm. For years I was wondering what and came across adinkra and the great aha moment. Adinkra as applied in physics, etc, and there you have it, and the codes that reveal.

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What is adinkra? They are a geometric expression of an aspect of reality as experienced by people of Ghana and the gold coast. A physicist saw an aha in them and posits their relevance for further studies. Excellent, something I should look into.

One of the things that happen with these projected codes is their mutation. Mutation = movement. If we were immutable, we could not walk or talk or breath.

I can view a grid, if you will. I never saw the Matrix movie, or any of those sci fi films but over my life the codes, of shapes, forms, lines, dots, and relationships, merging and un-merging. Some of the story that we get appears in our own indigenous pattern making but this is getting off your topic. Actually, it’s an experiential demonstration of the topic. It gives something visual and concrete to look at, so it was on topic.

So adrinka, past languages and computer languages are all the same? They are indeed all the same. The language that structured our thought, that lead to the design of our computers, and the emergence of the computer language.

Memories? It is all memories? Transmitted memories, too. Yes. Death is transmitted memory. The death experience is simply opening the comm channel. The message is immediately encoded, and translated, unzipped if you will.

In order to manifest in this state we are experiencing now, we can use only a small portion of our source code. This is why we “forget” past lives. It would be too much information to allow for a working brain. They aren’t forgotten. They are alive and well both in the world and in you, in the event matrix that converges around your life.

What if we had bigger and faster CPUs? We always have bigger and faster CPUs. This existence is just a subroutine. The ultimate processor is handling this reality so easily it’s almost noise, trash code, not literally, but it is that simple.

It would seem to be a given that artificial intelligence will eventually emerge. Except for the artificial part.

Or are we simply creating a new vessel for a life that already exists? The intelligences that will show up in computers were already there in the original state of matter. Reincarnation for mineral life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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