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Before progress, you just lived your life. After progress, you’ll just live your life.

Science Informed by Metaphysical Thought in Wizardry


Lately, they are keen on some insights they are having in the field of particle physics. They had some notions that had them believing that quantum computing was almost impossible. They don’t think this now.

If they establish a quantum computing technology, you will have a system that is computing with the least most physical elements of reality itself. Data out of effectively nothing. What is this but magick?

So the computer will be intuiting? Intuiting and processing input from multiple channels, and link them all into an internet network.

The complications from the interaction of what humans would judge as unrelated programs and files of data would be very interesting. Your cookie recipe might wind up resonating with someone else’s poem and a chemical equation in some lab, causing an output of data that no one could possible anticipate, and then set up a resonance in this system patterned after cosmological data taken from astronomical observatories, or biological data from cat scans and things like that.

A full senses answer. We could also tag things to follow a certain direction. Indeed, accessing a collective intuition that would be perhaps impossible to confine to any of the rigid patterns of biased human thought.

We do these things on the internet now, interconnect. Ah yes, we do them, but the computers could begin doing them on their own. Would a science informed by metaphysical thought really derail itself? Would all progress really honestly cease?

It would expand exponentially. I think we would progress better, more rapidly, and in ways that utilize the structure of nature and the universe itself, using the power of universal synergy, which exceeds any individual power or even the power of all things added up in a linear fashion.

John Nash’s equations have been used in fields he never anticipated. I am not at all surprised. This, to my mind, is the real science. Where the ancient wizards should have and perhaps even would have gone had things gone well.

Einstein’s greatest thoughts came when he was asleep. Edison’s came while he was in the bath.

And Archimedes. Indeed, the famous eureka quote was yelled while the man was in the bath.

I get the most ideas, stories, and insights when I’m on the toilet. Well, things do build up. People do manifest all the time. They just ignore large parts of it because they think it ugly or unappealing.

Isn’t there a phenomenon where people in different parts of the world come up with the same new idea at the same time? It’s been observed, but not really explored much. It’s another one of those things people find uncomfortable. People tend to insist that their special story is sacred, and everyone else is either imitating or lying. I think we need to get beyond that.

Modern wizardry is still maturing. Here’s hoping, no?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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