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Missing from the Scientific Community in Wizardry


Most scientists couldn’t lay genuine claim to any measure of the wisdom one might associate with the ancient wizards. Like the ancient priest divining the will of their deity from the guts of a ritual sacrifice, they tear apart the flesh of the living world and claim they can divine “reality” from it. What reality have they actually given us? Do things seem any more real these days?

Well, I am thankful we have the internet. Indeed, and the ancestors had medicine and psychology well before these ever had scientific sanction. Discovery is indeed a good thing, so is invention, but there is something missing, something vital.

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I have found that the scientific method is kind of cold. Cold and unjustified in many of their supposed truth statements. Their own evidence doesn’t actually back up their dogma.

The thing that is missing from the scientific community as a consensus, though not from all students of science, is the simple willingness to remain grounded in human experience to explore the question of why. Science itself got its start as a discipline known as natural philosophy. It existed alongside another discipline that many people are delving more and more into these days, metaphysics. They existed side by side, neither making efforts to remove the other. Natural philosophy was studied not to give humanity power over nature, but to better our understanding of nature so we might act in the world with greater general wisdom.

I read an article that discussed the idea of “soft science.” Basically, when anyone doesn’t like the science they call it “soft science” to deride it. Indeed. If it doesn’t back up the ideas of human entitlement or justify human exploitative agendas, it tends to endorse a sort of trans-humanism. But not trans-humanism for the masses, rather it adopts a fascist stance. Freedom from the human condition for those “smart” enough to understand things the way they do. They would use science to make gods of men (emphasis on men), and the underlying principles of life itself be damned.

Back in the days of Darwin, anyone could do science in their basement and present it to the community. It was still an elite group though. There is still a fringe community doing exactly that, and it has orthodox scientists worried. People can get hold of genetic material and testing equipment, just about any chemicals under the sun, and they fear what these “uneducated” people might do.

Well, I think the motive is important. You don’t want people with bad intentions playing around with chemicals. Who doesn’t have bad intentions?

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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