Nothing in your head is formless. Nothing in your head is without “words”. Is why in psycho-analysis they use word association, but it can be sounds or even body language. Just has to be language.

Examination of the Material World in Wizardry


The topic of Metascience is not meant to be an anti-science rant. I personally am not against the study or practice of science. When science was still a branch of philosophy, it was undertaken to give humanity more insight into the world, more ability to understand and thus adapt to how nature works.

There is indeed an observable order that science perceives, though their conclusions based on this are misguided. We need not throw out the baby with the bathwater as they did with their predecessor disciplines.

The examination of the material world is a mirror, but what it reveals it reflects only imperfectly. Otherwise, orthodox science wouldn’t have gone this route it has so far. It would have given us all the reasons why, would it not?

The Buddhists and scientists are talking together. That could be progressive. The Dalai Lama is a big fan of science. Indeed, and much has been scientifically verified to the point that mainstream science is more or less confirming all down the line the process and benefits of meditation as the practitioners describe it. But they still struggle with accepting their own responsibility to the greater experience, what they dismiss as subjectivity. They deny that things like qualia have any objective reality. They claim that the natural associations that the human mind draws from its experience are misguided artifacts of a questionably adapted mind. They say that the reasons we perceive behind our own actions and the personal meaning we see in the world is confabulation. Something we make up to make ourselves comfortable with being creatures they themselves claim to fully understand. This is a half-truth, if that, in my opinion. What do you think friends?

Jung died and then came back to life and then taught about the oversoul didn’t he? Heart attack, I believe. This I am not familiar with, but would believe that he had a near death experience (NDE), and people do have a NDE experience and then naturally revive. More than a few viruses can temporarily stun many biological processes.

After that the scientific community gave him no recognition. I was thinking that Jung was a modern wizard. Jung would be one example.

Doesn’t empirical science demand something has to be physical? They do require that, all the while not being able to substantiate their own theories of substance fully. They accept them because they provide reliable predictive models, not because they describe literal, personal, concrete experience.

The problem is, you can’t just trust what someone says they feel because people lie. So therefore you have to have evidence to back your claims. Oh, I agree. To my view, everybody lies.

Now here is the bigger mystery. Not that everybody lies, but that everything lies. They call it things like quantum indeterminacy, or something like that. Things present a particular face only in a select context, and fail to do so outside of that context.

Is it a particle that can be two places at one time? Oh, they have established that as a certainty. There is even a scientist now who is going to begin testing to see if humans can perceive entangled states. Human magneto reception would perhaps play a part in that.

What are entangled states? That two seemingly split particles retain an innate bond even after being split from their original atomic structure.

I venture that they will discover that human beings can indeed sense quantum entanglement. The reference I have for this are the principles behind magick originally. The law of contagion, two things in contact remain in contact even if separated over a distance. And the law of sympathy, that life affects like because it is joined by the same perceptible principle.

Things can appear red because there is one way things appear red, and this red quality is accepted as having subjective correspondences to go with it, at least in metaphysical thinking. Red, fire, passion, blood, distress, disease. Science right now is saying that consumption of red meat is solidly linked to a sharp reduction in life expectancy, and they have discovered many reasons for it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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