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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Spiritual Body in Astral


I watch human beings traverse the astral a lot. They are sort of sleep walking. On the level I call home, the metaphysical and here, there is really one important factor. The concern is this. Often people experience something on that side and say “Oh, wow!” or like in the movie ‘Close Encounters’ they make a mountain out of mashed potatoes and say “this must have meaning!”.  In a way it does, but they lose perspective.  This emphasis on the physical honestly makes no sense to me, nor would it make sense to eschew the physical on that side. The space is a lie.

Your spiritual body has powers that seem very strange if you’re unfamiliar, but there is still a center. If you become very familiar with the spiritual body, you also become more familiar with your physical body like degrees of arousal you didn’t know were possible. It’s because the spiritual body comes first.  The physical body is just a noise you’re making.

Just as space doesn’t matter there, neither does time. So age doesn’t matter because in the end, on that level, age and even sex is not constant. Ones body can be masculine, and for an energy cycle the spirit be feminine. Phases are the geography there. People think of sex as biological, but biology always echoes spirit not the other way around.

People have to find their spiritual center. They may have been rejecting it in their previous quest for “purity”, and their center is in no chakra. No ones is. That’s like saying I live in the middle of the highway. Your chakras are the lattice work for your flesh. They are the spiritual scaffold that lets body house spirit. There is a prenatal state, an energy singularity, and you don’t normally focus on it.

How do you know it? Ever feel like you’re falling as you lie down and drowse, but not like that space was empty? It feels almost like being washed along by a stream, but down, or up, or in a weird direction. It’s pretty normal, but the special symbolism is just the brain having a hard time translating because the energy center isn’t “in you”. Your energy has to step down to even form a body here. It has to move like electrical current through a transformer. I don’t like the slow down process myself.

When we’re here it’s slowed and around our center? No, that grants your incarnation. It enters the crown and finally activates at the root.

Now, or at incarnation? Well, to a degree both.  Usually the “portal” sort of shuts down as we become more identified with our bodies. Energy slacks off. Familiar with near death experiences? The white light they speak of? The tunnel? It doesn’t of its own ‘know’. The awareness shift I call the gift of lethe, of forgetting. People often can’t handle knowing about their spirit while in their bodies, so they are put into a sort of trance. Well, they really go more into it on their own than being put into it. If you go through that light, you don’t merge with some God that is other than you, you merge with you. It’s like opening your eyes from sleep. Now normally there is a sound. Have you heard one of those Buddhist bells that have no clapper? That they sound by friction on the metal? Remember the sound with the feeling of falling?

I have heard a sound like an imploding light bulb? Ah, that’s normal astral projection, pop in then back. People are afraid of the tunnel, and part of the problem is they think of it in special metaphors. So if they feel like they’re going down they think “Oh no! Hell!”, or if they feel like they’re floating they think “I’m going to heaven!’. Neither is true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. christtypes

    Are we becoming immortal now?

    • Travis

      We always have been immortal, just not organic.

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