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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Transcendence in Astral


Dreams, emotions, thoughts and words are resonant portals within the astral. They tend to aggregate. There are “higher” and “lower” vibratory thoughts, and there is also harmonious or dissonant, elemental or spiritual, all sorts of coordinates. I don’t need to modulate my spiritual state of being to move in the astral. There are levels that seem to ignore human thought, that with a force of attraction entrain individuals and groups, and there are levels that seem to require human thought. It’s quite a flow. A sort of spiritual info super highway. I find it sort of boring. It can feel almost like a sort of random shuffling that can feel like jumping or falling, like the locations are like a deck of cards.

Using “will” to travel in the astral only goes so far. There is a nature and a terrain of sorts. The only thing strength can do is give you the first glimpse. Otherwise, you navigate with the quality or “signature” of thought. Desire can only take you so far. Eventually, you need unity of will and desire, true unity, the center. Transcendence.

The realms described in astral are a hologram. Every place is a part of every other place. Time and space are meaningless there, which doesn’t mean that there is no orienting or relating, there indeed is. Just the question of finite/infinite is not relevant. The wailers dwell with the enlightened. As it says in the Bible, “say neither low here nor low there for the kingdom of god is within you.” The structure of the astral is infinitely intermeshed and all the chakras are constructs. The house of many mansions. They are not the kingdom, and eventually, you must move on but you don’t die in transcendence. You discover that out isn’t outside. It isn’t up or down, forward or back. Your body still lives, perhaps more so then it ever would have without the insight.

How do you handle the superficial emotions and feelings? You see them as they are. They are a river. On that side, those energies aren’t “in you making you do things”. They empower your incarnation. They are the river lethe, the river of forgetting. You don’t have to love, love is just fact. Those emotions that are really warped derivatives of love, they are just seen as a bit messy like fertilizer in a field. Ultimately, no big deal. Here, transcendence has been called the death gate.  There, it’s the incarnation gate. The devil to one, an angel to another. There is no contradiction in transcendence, only the one unity. No war in heaven, just different human reactions to it on earth. Same heaven, same celestial realm, same heart of the astral plane, all the same place.

You can merge, but you never really merge, because there isn’t a point to merge at, nor a point to part to. The element of the energy is your signature. You have a whole world in the astral that’s linked to your soul. When people say they have merged, it’s in the sense that we all merge. They have learned the connections, the paths in each other. This is the basis of what people call telepathy.

Where you are in the astral is not on a ladder. It would be better to consider it an infinite flat plane, but folded or capable of folding. So distance over the plane can seem huge, or non existent. That is the astral. If you visualize a ladder you will interface with it as a ladder. Unfold it. Smooth out the vibration, the cry of love. The memory creates the fold in astral space and in your brain. Nature likes folds. That’s the center. It’s your true center.

The design leads like a path, my friend. You can go where you please but you will feel the path, or feel being off of it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Bashir Bomai

    Astral Journeying in the dream state is an old old story among humans.In those days,before the present age of chaos and retrogression,humans used to “see”a lot of manifestations including a person disembodied but in the sleep state.Humans were also able to see the Aura hence the depiction of the Halo around the heads of the Saints(their religious affiliation notwithstanding).The artists simply drew and painted what they saw.Now that humanity has lost the gift of “Sight”,those on a particular path of advancement sometimes can percieve this phenomenon.You hear of people say that ‘I met with so so and so person today and he/she happened to be Blue,or he turned green with envy,or was grey with fear,etc etc’-hence my assertion that some humans have a limited ability to percieve the aura but cannot “see” the astral being.With the application of certain metaphysical exercises,one can restore, by careful awakening, certain “Chakras”in the human psyche.I am not sure though that the awakened being would like the lights surrounding most earth peoples these days.In the astral sphere,for one who is aware,can only meet with those who are of like mind and on similar evolutionary paths.One can also see those on a lower state as confused and usually look “scared” and timid because that particular state is “alien” to them,therefore,certain Planes are forbidden to them.In short,one can ascend to a plane suitable to their degree of advancement.In quantum science,these planes are known as “Dimensions”and 11 are recognised.Islam mentions 14(7 Higher,and 7 Lower),The Bhuddists mention 9 Planes but do not assign any lower levels.Christianity only mentions 2-Heaven and Hell.However Jesus the Messiah is quoted as saying that ‘in my Father’s House,there are Many Mansions’This could be said that Jesus recognised that Other Planes of Existence are not just a fantasy,but a reality.In our age of Space Exploration and Discovery,Planetary activity and distancies are measured in terms of the Light Year and the AU(about 150,000,000 kilometers being the distance between the earth and the sun,our parent star).In reality,if one could traverse the immense and fantastic distances to other galaxies or star systems,one could be said to have “migrated to another plane”.In scientific terms,time as we know it on earth is no longer applicable.In Metaphysical terms,time is of no consequence because the concept is “alien”to matters of such higher considerations.Other factors come into play.

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