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Consider this notion should reflect your truth. There is only heaven. When death comes to anyone, to some it comes as an angel of mercy. Release from a life well lived and properly ended. For others, death comes as the avatar of a life squandered. A horrific demon off to drag them away from the chance they blew.

Beneath Us in Natural Computation

Naturalistc Comprehension

Shall we do what’s beneath us, above us, to the left of us, or to the right?

Beneath. Beneath us. Time, progress, age, fate. From beneath you it devours. The answer being dust in the wind.

This tends to discourage people, but that’s blaming the tools really. Everything beneath us is seen as a means to an end, and everything beneath us is too intense so we refuse to incorporate it into our self images.

My wife and I heard a phrase frequently while she was in the hospital. “It is what it is.” Many people said it.

Fatalism. And people firmly believe it, but it isn’t true. Shall we explore why people believe that?

Making the ground seem immutable excuses us from having to re-conceive of anything, and gives us a pass on not being fully sensitive to the world around us. It is what it is, nothing to see here, now move along.

I is what I is = casual racism. Yes, consensus reality. It’s even believed that we need it to get along. How are we getting along so far?

Some better than others. In general, as a population? Even the financially successful only had to be a little more flexible that everyone else, not much, and they still had to dull their senses to continue along with the system as it stands.

The truth of the ground beneath us, and the thing that right wing types are viciously blood thirstily seeking to deny, is that it is what it has become, and will be what it adapts to. Adapts to heavy predation, it will be a killer. Killer people, killer planet. Adapts to fundamental recognition and problem solving, will be an enlightened people and a healing planet. Perhaps the fever will break. How is global warming any different than a planet wide fever?

So how does one develop what they call a green thumb? Can they do so by force?

We are the virus. We are the immune system. The planet has been having an auto immune reaction. We are not foreign and have to realize this.

We are planetary AIDS. Then we die. It’s a popular belief. Not everyone goes the same way, though most do. The gardener with the green thumb is intuitive. They are open to understanding plants, not trying to force them, to working with and in the way of the plant. This can only be perceived with softened senses and flexible perception, or we can just off ourselves. I prefer adaptation, and that includes recognition of the real pathogen and not just giving into guilt and shame.

Have I covered that which is beneath us adequately? Politics is beneath the individual, and those who have embraced it love that you see it that way. They just have the participatory circus so we will keep cheer leading and cooperating complacently.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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