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Before progress, you just lived your life. After progress, you’ll just live your life.

In Front of Us in Natural Computation

Naturalistc Comprehension

Vision, sight, is in front of us, but we do not see fully. The region of the brain literally responsible for engaging and fully processing the senses is physically in the back of our heads. You supposedly see with the front of your brain which has only one neurological function really. It inhibits the other regions of your brain serving as a neurological switchboard. So you try to see based on what is supposed to be there. You try to see with the front of your brain. You have trained yourself to sort what you are looking at. This is supposedly how it makes sense, but does it really?

Unless you see something your brain isn’t prepared for. Which is any detail you don’t think about, but even then you are pretty good at not seeing it. Do you recall anything you didn’t think about during a day?

I’ve had times where I just couldn’t make out what I was seeing. It made no sense to me, like it was just a jumble of shapes and textures until someone pointed out what it was. Ah, then you had an intuitive moment. You just needed to relax more.

You only remember what you didn’t think about until after it was due. In fact you are right, because intuition is subject to emotional tension. It is selective and without conscious direction on your part.

The reason it happens so late is we are pretty invested in our habits. This is why some people seem prescient. They haven’t defied the laws of time and space. They have instead plugged into all the little subtle currents of the senses and emotions. This is why in the movie Star Wars, Yoda makes the comment, “Always emotions the future is.”

In the end, what did we really understand without emotion? You always remember how it made you feel.

Yes, I’ve noticed that memories of past events fade when the emotion of it goes.

So emotion and vision connected, with natural softened senses and fluid perceptual control, the two could blend together to allow more holistic pattern recognition.

I had a distressing conversation earlier today, but I did try something. It might be relevant here. Can you re-conceive of humans as if they were aardvarks?

I’m seeing people with long snouts

Sure…like those stories with animal protagonists.

I see creatures that rub, and endure harsh conditions, that flee adverse contact, and stand out in their features and traits as being rather more unusual than other animals. What does this sound like?

People. That would be an example of fluid perception. Those comparisons might seem silly, but they broaden both your range of ideation about human interaction, and your sensory exploration of them which allows for a broader and deeper emotional reaction. Did thinking of people as aardvarks not make you feel a strange surge of empathy?

Amusing, so I’d say yes. Does thinking of people as people do that?

No. This is active intuition. What if everyone was literally exactly what they imagine themselves to be? What would our world really look like?

Second Life.

A Star Wars bar.

With the twisted behaviour to go with it, no? The strange declaration of being wanted in twelve systems, and threat of violence just because he felt like it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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