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Awareness comes out in action, word, deed, logos. Everything is language. Listening to that inner voice.

Agency Bias in Natural Computation

Natural Computation

So shall we get into the metaphysics?

Every day our senses are bombarded with stimuli. Since the first day we were possessed of all of our senses, they have been recording patterns of energy. These patterns, as is entirely natural, are cyclical. Through repetition, an initial impression of a sight or sound becomes solidified and elaborated on. The forming brain of an infant has its memory traces structured by the stimuli they experience with some bias, though, even to begin with. We are innately tuned to pick out human patterns from all the other stimuli, a mothers voice from background noise, a smiling fathers face against the background of a possibly complex texture on the wall. So this basic human imprint modifies all other patterns, all other coherent sense impressions we come to be familiar with. This is why children personify their toys so readily, and will personify a toilet paper tube if given nothing else.

Like turning on a certain radio frequency? In a sense, but it is set since the moment of gestation. It is in the genetics. My own genetics being compromised, autistics are typically observed to only partially personify anyone or anything. The model there is incomplete.

DNA? Yes. The tendency is in the DNA, but my personal reference is perhaps beside the point. Ever get angry at an object? See people as tools?

I don’t tend to personify things either.

I got very angry at an online government program I had to use this morning.

So the only difference perhaps is the degree of perceptual distortion. I tend to see people as environmental conditions, features of wherever I am and whatever is going on. It takes concentration for me to piece together the psychological elements that might be involved.

So our DNA determines what frequency we are listening to? It sets our defaults, yes. It sets a perceptual baseline. We tend to anticipate changes in our environment as if there were self-willed agents involved.

But we can modify? Yes, with effort and training it can be modified. The agency bias has been extensively studied. It’s argued that we would fail to make intelligible sense of any tool we may use without the natural occurrence of human agency bias.

Agency bias? We assume things happen “because they want to.” We can’t really conceive of things happening randomly. Our brains can’t accurately model that.

Well, if everything is part of one thing, nothing would happen randomly, would it? I would offer that the collective process that gave rise to any living matter on earth, as well as any living matter that may occur or have already occurred elsewhere, does not just arbitrarily fit us into a human mold. We aren’t “accidentally” humans. My cute and fluffy friend here beside my computer desk isn’t accidentally a cat. Each thing arises as a part of a grand elaborate and propagating equation. So our cognitive biases aren’t just the accidental structure of our minds, but rather just the mirroring of processes in the medium that makes up our brain as well as the rest of our organic form. Is this a complete idea on the metaphysics side yet? Is it clear?

Our organic form is a mirror of our spiritual form? In the abstract yes, simplified as is necessary to take a high energy structure and express it on the level we call matter.

So stupid people have stupid brains because they have stupid souls? Stupid people have stupid brains because they have noise. They are carrying an interference pattern, bad karma if you prefer, and even their cognitive impairment can change radically over the course of their lives.

I am not totally in touch with my five senses so I am stupid. I see stupid as being “stupor”, sleepy or drunk say, in a stupor, and it bears no special weight, no more than being hungry. It is really just as transient as well. I have met people who process new information poorly, but who possess a depth of wisdom and clarity of perception that makes highly cerebral types look like the village idiot.

So maybe we are all tuned in to our own frequencies. In a sense, but there has to be a common bandwidth, a consensus reality or communications protocol. There has to be a “human” channel.

The degree that we’re ‘tuned in’ and clear is the degree we can use this ability predictively? I will go into that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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