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Divination of Tarot in Tarot


Cartomancy is a relatively new method of the more general practice of divination. It arose in the late medieval era as a way of preserving initiatory murals in a way that could be kept safe and transported. The major arcana specifically is those big spooky cards you often see in movies and are read about in books. They evolved over time, but each card of the major arcana has a number associated with it, because it was a stage in an initiatory procession. To preserve the theurgist lore of the cultures that originated it. You will notice a lot of temple imagery in the major arcane, and even some of the minor. They also have links to numerological lore. So the images capture the spirit behind the number.

What was this initiation? They represent the esoteric elements of the path of life itself. The zero card being the fool and progressing from there. It is often called the fools journey, and it’s used in divination because every stage of the major arcane, as well as the smaller facets of the minor arcane, occur universally. It represents the life path, and they taught those symbols to provide insight into influencing the path of life through will. Initial contact being the fool. Mastery being the magician.

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The minor arcana follow elemental symbolism. They differ between the types of tarot, but the most traditional still present is the Rider-Waite. They are broken down by the four elements, the four states of matter. Four (4) in numerology is the number of completion, and numerology is a big part of even the ancient arcane scripts; Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic.

  • 1 is the number of beginning
  • 2 is first contrast
  • 3 is first balance
  • 4 is the first creation
  • 5 is the process of endurance
  • 6 is action and counter action
  • 7 is balance in creation
  • 8 is creation and its shadow
  • 9 is the alpha and omega phase coming full circle

Each number connects to one of the elements, swords for air and thought and communication. All the numbers in the realm of mind. Pentacles are symbolized by a five pointed star, the creation dynamic, and it’s broken down into those numbers.

Numerologically there are 9 elements. The fool stands outside. His or her number is zero (0). Zero can be said to be the Tao. The emptiness that lets us see the way. That gives form to music, meaning to words. So the fool is both the weakest stage and the most powerful.

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