'Tarot' Chapter

Tarot Star Major Arcana

The best teacher in tarot is experience and trusting your intuition. It represents the life path, and they taught those symbols to provide insight into influencing the path of life through will. Even in divination intention is everything. You can get a nonsense reading. You have to be moved. You have to feel the call of your question to have tarot adequately reveal the answer. Anyone can learn it, but they do need to have studied.

“The Death card of the Thoth Tarot is the antithesis of those found in traditional packs. This is no stiff grim reaper standing on Earth, indiscriminately mowing down people, young and old, humble and highborn. This Death is vivacious and flexible. He wears the crown of Osiris and dances madly on the bottom of the sea. Instead of mowing down the living, he uses his scythe to stir up bubbles of new lives from out of the seemingly dead and decaying sediment.” Death Card image from the Thoth Tarot Deck

“The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs. Given the inward meaning of its emblems, they do become a kind of alphabet which is capable of indefinite combinations and makes true sense in all.” A.E. Waite

Divination of Tarot

Cartomancy is a relatively new method of the more general practice of divination. It arose in the late medieval era as a way of preserving initiatory murals in a way that could be kept safe and transported. The major arcana… Seek More

Meanings in Tarot

Pentacles in the minor arcana represent physical progress. Cups represent gathering, the first mystery of the heart. They are the suit in the minor arcana of the personal life in contrast to the physical or mental, and then wands which… Seek More

Interpreting Tarot Spreads

The tarot cards come up and are read not only for their symbolism, but for their place in the spread. Are you familiar with Egyptian cartouches or Sumerian murals? Well, the sequence of the symbols mattered as much as the… Seek More

Yang Minor Arcana

I mean to continue the subject of Tarot, but we will touch on the basics. Are you all familiar with tarot? It’s based on a set of images that in all likelihood go back to late Egypt. It originally was… Seek More

Yin Minor Arcana

Shall we see the introverted suits in Tarot? The Ace of Pentacles. This symbol represents the nest, home, coins, cowry shells, wampum, gathered food, physical roots. The directions N S E W. Yes. It represents the earth and is connected… Seek More

Minor Arcana Model of the World

I have a question for you, do we do anything not reflected in the tarot four minor arcana suits (Swords and Staves, Pentacles and Cups)? Each of these suits is reflected by aspects of the human mind, and all suits… Seek More

Major Arcana: Death and Wheel

Now the major arcana. These could be considered the power players in reality, the pervasive forces of the universe. The court cards don’t tell their own stories, and they will stay at home, so to speak, if there is no… Seek More

Major Arcana: Devil

The devil card. This is the card of confusion and conflict. It is not the card of evil necessarily, as any of the major arcana can reflect some facet of darkness in your life. What are your impressions of this… Seek More

Major Arcana: Temperance and Tower

The temperance card. Ever notice that as dramatic as life can be, everything seems to even out over time? Evening the water in the jugs. An angel pours sometimes from one jug to another. Water is the giver of life,… Seek More

Major Arcana: The Way Through

Want to see the way through? The events shown in the major arcana happen all the time, repeat all throughout history, but they are not personal. They are transcendent. The chariot. Consider this card. What are your impressions? Royalty. Taking… Seek More