Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Major Arcana: The Way Through in Tarot

Tarot World Major Arcana

Want to see the way through? The events shown in the major arcana happen all the time, repeat all throughout history, but they are not personal. They are transcendent.

The chariot. Consider this card. What are your impressions?


Taking care.

Being watchful and ready.

Sovereignty. Being captain of your own ship.

Tarot Chariot Major Arcana

Chariot Major Arcana

The chariot looks more like a judge’s box that he sits on. Indeed, it is also that. This is why the tower is never really absolute disaster.

Everyone is looking in the same direction. They are watching the race? Yes, and moving alongside it.

They see the way forward. Yes. When humanity builds towers with the idea they are finished, they fall. When humanity puts the horses back in front of the chariot…

So this card is planning? It’s planning and progression, the recognition that events take on a life of their own. Your first action becomes a horse that carries you on to further places, further choices.

One of the horses has a human nose as well. The tarot imagery has a great deal of depth, and if you were doing a reading you would focus on what your intuition makes stand out for you, and interpret that in the context of the question you started the spread for.

Tarot Moon Major Arcana

Moon Major Arcana

Want to see who the king has working for him?

The moon card. This is the blue horse, and it’s also the left side of the road. This is the realm of dreams, fears, and the unseen. Those deep places that lead both to inspiration and dread, to wisdom and confusion.

It’s one side of the world, and well, the major arcana also link to astrological signs. They show those facets of the world that the sign shows up in. This one includes both Scorpio and Cancer.

Shall we see the other horse?

The sun card. Gemini and Leo. This is the red horse and the right side of the road. Our life’s road is always branching. We are always being given choices, but it’s really the same world either way.

Tarot Sun Major Arcana

Sun Major Arcana

The teardrops were going towards the moon, but away from the sun. Tears are the essence of the soul. Have you ever had a real cry and not have it leave you unchanged?

Now, the world card. The road runs here.

Souls radiate from a star and venture into the depths of the unknown. Exactly. The road runs through you, and through mother earth which gives life to you.

Sagittarius. Yes. Notice the connection between Sagittarius and the chariot?

And Libra? Also correct. Sagittarius is the chariot, and we are all affected by the sign of Sagittarius, just some of us more pervasively.

Tarot World Major Arcana

World Major Arcana

We have the four apostles in the corners. The four aspects of wisdom. A lot of tarot imagery was made heavily catholic. I guess to broaden its acceptability.

Is there only one set of Tarot or can there be many variations? There can be many variations. If the spirit of the symbolism is preserved, and the correspondences maintained, it’s a valid tarot deck. We all see the world with our own special color. The same can be true of tarot reading.

This is the Marseilles deck. Yes. This is an old one. Some people are comforted by that. I guess it seems safer and maybe truer to the original concepts. I myself like the old imagery, but need other themes for my own purposes. A different theme running in the symbolism, though still the same symbols.

This set was a freebie I picked up somewhere. There are old tarot images that have been preserved in museums. It’s cool they are being offered for free in Second Life. I do respect history even if I don’t dwell on it.

Ok. There are more cards in the major arcana than this, but we are about to reach the end of our journey.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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