There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Pushing Through in Fear

Fear of Self

Shall we go into happiness as it relates to fear, or insanity as it relates to fear first?

I vote insanity. End on a high note!

Good advice. Insanity it is. As I said, you are your fear. The thing you fear most is yourself. Your brain is constantly on guard against anything being wrong with you. You fear the thing you didn’t notice, the reaction that isn’t based in functional intelligence.

And hence we get nightmares as the brain telling us to be on the look out? Indeed, exactly, and that fear remains at the core of the mind no matter what way the brain is damaged, no matter what way the perceptions have become twisted.

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You’ve said before, most things you dream relate to your own self, right? The scary monsters are you. I have. It’s true. You fear your own desires. Can you guess why?

Lack of control?

We think we don’t deserve them?

They create instability, change, inconsistency. What is this but fear? You can’t avoid fearing them.

So, shall we start from normal and work into the insane or the other way? Perhaps start from the common ground. Everyone tends to perceive the same things. We can share common experience, and in general most people you meet in a day are not especially afraid of what everyone accepts as reality.

They have found scientifically that the brain processes physical pain and social or emotional pain in the exact same way. It’s all as if you were physically harmed. What happens to your senses when you experience pain?¬†Pulse throb in your ears? Light flashes behind the eyes? Flush of heat no matter how the room feels? Numbness after?

Heart stops then pounds. Yes, even your internal sense is distorted. Well, I promise you this is reliable and consistent. It happens every time, and it doesn’t matter how strong the pain is.

It can work vice versa too. You can dull the pain with other pain like holding ice in your hands to help with labour pains. Ah, that’s true, and it’s the source of one of the twisting scarring processes that can lead to insanity.

These pain reactions… Do loud noises ever do anything other than hurt your ear? Sudden flashes of light? They hurt the eye in that case. Every sudden or surprising stimuli creates fear, and it creates fear because it creates pain. Ever been on the verge of a bad fall? What did your reaction feel like?

Rush of adrenalin, everything clenched. Did it feel good?

In a way, yes. Did it hurt? No, but felt different. Hmm, interesting paradox that, but will also go into that.¬†Pressure sense was developed before pain sense. It’s in a more primate part of the brain.

So if you hurt your thumb, squeeze it, that will dull the pain…did I hear that here or on TV? Not sure, and actually the motive sense came in along side that.

Pressure and motion, pressure and motivation, those would be the most primal senses. The root of everything else, but pain is almost as old.

Pressure tells you something is touching you right? Yes, and that you must go around or push through. We really only have those two strategies, and these days we almost exclusively use the one, pushing through. That has had very bad outcomes on society today.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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