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Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

The Reason We Fall into Insanity in Fear

Fear of Self

The reason we fall into insanity, the reason it is seductive, the reason people never see it coming, is this pain makes you feel more alive. People never run away from the insane to start. They actually stick around until it’s too late and an emotional scar is formed. They call these scars beliefs. When you experience pain it makes the other unaffected systems fire up vividly in order to compensate. You can even mistake this experience as being some sort of important understanding. Because it’s so attention getting, you could swear you learned something. The region of the brain responsible for flagging important data, what lets us identify learned information, resides very close to the fear centre in the brain.

So it’s a very natural reflex but one we seriously mismanage. Your brain will flag as important every painful stimuli you have in that moment, and then you will ruminate on that likely repeatedly throughout that day and even in your dreams. It easily becomes chronic. Your brain doesn’t pick and choose the associations it makes, it just compares patterns. When they match up strong enough they become identified with each other.

Our brain is kind of like the NSA, backing up all flags just in case it finds something to be afraid of? Indeed, it really is. The NSA is just a gross large scale example of a natural human tendency.

So if this process is left unattended, you will begin to learn the associations encoded by the fear reflex, and you will come to see the world as a fearful and evil place. Everyone having treacherous and hurtful motives. You don’t have to choose this. It comes about because supposedly you learned from experience.

I was raised a little bit like that… over protective. Yes, over protective parenting doesn’t help this process.

It didn’t do me any favours in getting me to judge situations for myself. Actually, it makes it worse.

It doesn’t help that YouTube videos lead to other YouTube videos of similar content making it seem like an epidemic. Observation bias.

Our orientation colours our world as they say? Your focus does indeed determine your reality.

So, why do some people get so twisted? Well, it’s simple. It’s a compound issue. The range of sensitivity between individuals can be quite variable, and repetitive stress can come to compromise the integrity of systems of the brain.

Like the difference between fantasizing about killing someone and actually doing it. Healthy people can think about it right? Yes, healthy people can think about anything. Your imagination will freely spin any and all images without any control on your part, and in general, they mean little. They are nothing to worry about.

But it also tells you why it would be a mistake and you usually listen. It does, yes.┬áThat’s why ‘thought police’ are so harmful. And thought police are a huge evil. Many religious and spiritual groups try to fill that role.

Hence the fine line between genius and insanity due to both being so highly sensitive? You have it exactly right. That connection between genius and insanity has been confirmed, as has the connection between genius and autism. What they have found happens with the more functional geniuses. They have a very well developed ability to narrow their focus, be very sensitive to a very restricted thing, and then shift back out again when it’s necessary for the problem solving process.

Evil geniuses are also so much fun though. I’ve always wanted to be one. Actually, the evil genius is just insane. Genius doesn’t preserve sanity, but it can make it more possible to fake it. They call these people psychopaths when a genius internalizes a large channel of their sensitivity. They learn to ride the whirl wind as they say.

A mad scientist can present himself as a perfectly credible doctor when he is in the public eye. Yes, then they go in secret and conduct hideous vivisection experiments just because they are curious and bored. But most people aren’t that extreme. The reason insanity is a problem is the repetitive stress damage. The brains capacity to recover from a single frame of mind can be worn down, even structurally damaged in the case of vascular issues or attempts at self medication.

Nurse, I’ve removed the liver now. Go get me some crackers and we’ll make pate. They would make sure the patient watches them eat it as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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