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The great dharma wheel is nothing more complex than that. The big mystery in life is that there is no mystery.

Idea of Insanity in Incantation


Let’s take off with the idea of insanity for a moment. What is perhaps the most stereotypical example of insane behavior that springs to most people’s minds?

Serial killer.

Banging your head against a wall.

Rash, incoherent, explosive, acting-out?

Talking to themselves? Having conversations with an imaginary presence?

Rigid repetition. Yes, the repetition. If you have ever heard a mad persons argument with the imaginary person, it’s hugely repetitive.

What do ya mean? I talk to myself all the time! I seldom answer myself. You always answer yourself. What differentiates the insane from you is not the environmental dialogue, but the perception of response. In the case of the insane person, their perception has come under stress. From this distress they attempt to compensate for their disorientation by creating a consistent pattern. Repetitive is false narrative about what is happening to them and what they can do about it. They try to talk at or drown out the environmental information, because their brains are not processing it in a tolerable manner.

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What happens when you lacerate skin deeply?

Bleeding. Eventual scarring, which is very tough, rigid tissue. If you abrade the perceptual tissue, or screen people use to process their experiences, they develop similar scars, and just as the skins scar tissue loses feeling, their brain loses some ability to track and accurately model incoming information. The music becomes screechy so they try to auto-tune it. Time is repetition of patterns, propagation of waves.

“Auto-tune” means to adjust it to their own scars? Yes. Smooth out the noise, which leaves them with dulled even “colorless” affect.

Ever notice the mentally ill often seem to lose ability to really enjoy even the most basic things? Most I know eat compulsively and have a ritual diet, but have lost ability to consider if they would prefer to eat something else.

Yes, but that’s one of the definitions of “illness” right? Indeed, but the distress comes before any organic issue, and if addressed can even do some to alleviate the organic issue itself. Neuroplasticity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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