'Incantation' Chapter


Our bodies and minds translate everything we experience into pulsations, rhythms, songs, and we weave these individual sounds together to create the appearance of a coherent experience. Like all music though, just as there is the original sound, as much depends on the listener as the sound.

Our mental functions, our language, our biology follow patterns that remain consistent on all scales. The examples of fractal repetition are endless and the reason incantations are repeated is they represent this expressive process taking place in a way that our attention can readily keep track of.

“Do not waste yourself in rejection; do not bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good” Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

“When chanting, austere meditation and self-discipline become your protectors, then the lotus blossoms forth, and the honey trickles out.” Sri Guru Granth Sahib

The World is Music

The world is music. From the rhythms of messages in our brain, to the patterns of sound and light that play out all around us, the world is structured in such a way that it resembles music. They even put… Seek More

Idea of Insanity

Let’s take off with the idea of insanity for a moment. What is perhaps the most stereotypical example of insane behavior that springs to most people’s minds? Serial killer. Banging your head against a wall. Rash, incoherent, explosive, acting-out? Talking… Seek More

Connection to Language

So yes, you are surrounded by music. You have been living in this non-stop rhythm of sensory stimuli all your life. This leads to a form of what they call sensory satiation. The process of evolution or formation that an… Seek More

Many Voices

The land, of course, speaks with many voices, and so do people. But the reason they are able to do things like write instant messaging software that can take brain signals and translate them into text that isn’t the “speakers”… Seek More

Repeated Phrases

A pattern is fractal if it looks the same on all scales and has a quality they describe as self-similarity. Our mental functions, our language, our biology follow patterns that remain consistent on all scales. Our brain, heart and lungs… Seek More

Defrag Your Personal Observer

Math is rhythms, emotion is rhythms, more complicated than most mathematical models would allow, but quantum modeling comes close. Science seeks to bend the behavior of nature through a process of contagion. Rather than deal with the system as a… Seek More