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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Defrag Your Personal Observer in Incantation


Math is rhythms, emotion is rhythms, more complicated than most mathematical models would allow, but quantum modeling comes close.

Science seeks to bend the behavior of nature through a process of contagion. Rather than deal with the system as a whole, they try to dictate its behavior through altering parts. They practice a sort of sympathetic magick on the elements of nature and life in order to bend the behavior of all related elements, and their control is by no means perfect, in truth frequently toxic. Giving new meaning to the “law of contagion“, no?

The shaman instead seeks direct contact with the part of the world they would seek to influence, and through their techniques alter their spirit vision in such a way that nature itself spreads the intention through the surrounding environment. Their sacred places were intuitive access points. They recognized that some places stood “between” broad areas of land, that the energy and activity of these areas met at those locations, so although those locations were small, they were seen as fundamental for practicing “medicine”, like the chakras and meridians of other systems. Seeing the fractal relationship here?

The shaman’s direct contact is a sort of unitive vision similar to the mystic’s vision? It was, though that distress for the people was not a natural part of the system, so to correct it they just needed to update the web as a whole. Sing to grandmother spider so she would remember the people and keep her promises.

So just as our computers defrag by repeating code in its memory, that is what your computer is doing. It’s going over and repeating information logged in each program. Incantation serves a purpose also. It can serve to defrag your personal observer, remind you of the vital life your system depends on, and even more. It has an effect on the “cloud” as well, repairs links, psychosocial consensus, helps keep the collective unconscious sane if the chant is good, well structured, as strong and reflective of the energy around as we can make it.

An example of bad incantation is the word crap. Have you ever chanted crap and had a good outcome?

It’s usually after a bad outcome. Or because you are seeing scary signs that you will soon have one. You usually do it after a bad outcome because you believe that outcome will repeat in some way, and of course it will because your thought and attention are repeating what they did before. Perhaps next time you would say crap instead say cheese? What would happen then? Let’s try it, “Cheese cheese cheese cheese.”

It breaks the tension and makes you smile. I just find myself smiling. They say that means your mind is clear. Your attention isn’t rigid.

They have even confirmed scientifically that if you smile, your brain will replay reason why you might be smiling. You don’t have to have a reason to smile before, you will have a reason after. You just have to smile. It’s the same with incantation. You may not have a reason to say a word beforehand, but perhaps you will after?

I recall a refrain from a popular song of the eighties, it was just the word ‘money’ repeated in a sing song fashion. Money money money money! Money! We all know people who seem quite productive when it comes to money making. You likely have a friend who, if not rich, seems to be confident and doing okay at least. Could you see them chanting that?

If you want to, why not you also? It can even be more than single word phrases. It’s better that way, especially if you can throw emotion into them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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