The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Sanitary Schizophrenia in Confusion


Recursive confusion will be a difficult concept to explain, but I will do my best.

We experience life in what some scientists describe as “thin slices”, like cognitive frames of references passing by at high speed so as to seem without interruption. Life seems to progress at a steady rate, whether we want it to or not. It feels very much like we are “in it” rather than having an experience called life, doesn’t it?

This seeming, much like the motion on a movie screen, is an illusion. We maintain our sense of orientation based on our personal make-up, physical and psychological traits, spiritual traits even, if you will. Yet we also live in a society that does very much to encourage us not to examine our reference points, even going so far as to call them delusional, all in your head or imaginary. How often do we get told to just let things go? To just forget them?

Too often to count. “Don’t worry — Be happy” is an oft heard phrase. I heard a woman say to her crying child a few days ago, “Don’t cry…” This is in the name of “progress.” The notion that everyone’s job on the earth is to advance some mysterious shared agenda that supposedly we will all be bettered by achieving.

Not dwelling is not the same as “letting it go”? Not dwelling is a stance, a way of reminding ourselves that we can choose how we relate to an experience. If you dwell on the cliff while driving, you will drive off of it, but just because you aren’t dwelling on something doesn’t mean you ignore that it’s there. You just don’t let it be the sole object of your attention. Where are we getting to in all this progression we are all supposed to be doing?

We are getting mentally ill from all this ignoring. It is more common than physical illness these days.

I was going to say ‘good citizens’ but perhaps it’s the same as mentally ill. A carefully engineered state of sanitary schizophrenia.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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