'Confusion' Chapter


We maintain our sense of orientation based on our personal make-up, physical and psychological traits, spiritual traits even, if you will. Yet we also live in a society that does very much to encourage us not to examine our reference points, even going so far as to call them delusional, all in your head or imaginary. We have been forced to subscribe to a supposedly objective view of what advancement would be, and this model of advancement is supposedly one size fits all. What’s good for the many is good for the individual. A nice thought perhaps, but it’s also a lie.

Achievements are the first mirror, and people do like looking at themselves in the mirror. Status symbols are the second mirror. Is there any more substance to life as we are forced to live it than this?

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece!” William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Sanitary Schizophrenia

Recursive confusion will be a difficult concept to explain, but I will do my best. We experience life in what some scientists describe as “thin slices”, like cognitive frames of references passing by at high speed so as to seem… Seek More

Same Shit, Different Day

Why do we want progress in life? To feel an accomplishment? I’d say we want change in life as stagnancy is death, and I guess we define ‘progress’ as good change although that is subjective. I think we are programmed… Seek More

Natural Reference Points

We have many needs as individuals. Most people do not want to ignore their friends and neighbors. Most people do not want to incite violence in their communities. Is this not true? And these would remain true even if we… Seek More

Survival Required Sanity

So, doesn’t life seem a bit shallow most of the time? Find yourself caught in the moments as they pass with an unanswered “yes … but …” still hanging on your lips? Have you heard the phrase it’s better to… Seek More

A Vision for What We Want

Those oh so vital indicators of personal wellbeing, are they really evil? Unnecessary? Unenlightened? The part of our brain that translates physical pain also registers pain in social distress situations. This is an established fact to the point that “heartbroken”… Seek More

What Do We Want?

So outside of tools, relationships and communication, what do we really want? Experiences. Pleasure. Knowledge. We want experiences. That’s the unifying element of the other three. It answers the why. Even knowledge is an experience. We are creatures that want… Seek More

Looking Behind the Mirrors

It’s hard to see the system for the lie it is, but there is a way to make it easier. You can’t tell people that society is a lie and do them any good. You have to show them. The… Seek More


We sub- consciously mirror the same system of threats that keep us in line. Why couldn’t we instead mirror those signals that fulfill us? And thus signal others that they are safe and welcome? Would it be confusing? I find… Seek More