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The trick is you think you were tricked. There is no deceit only paths to truth.

Survival Required Sanity in Confusion


So, doesn’t life seem a bit shallow most of the time? Find yourself caught in the moments as they pass with an unanswered “yes … but …” still hanging on your lips?

Have you heard the phrase it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission? If you are waiting for society to give you permission, it won’t until you are used up and spat out. If you are waiting for your community to give you permission, well, they are waiting on permission themselves. Nobody is handing out permission slips either.

So is progress as society defines it really what we want? Do we really know each other if you buy a burger from me at the McDonalds? Has anything real happened if I greet you and ask how I might help you in a clothing store?

Those people scare me. The people should only scare you to the degree they mirror you.

They do it so you know they are watching you, really. It’s the system watching you. The people just get lost in it. How many people do you really know? I mean know as a person, not just know of.

As opposed to a horse? Ah, animals don’t count. Animals accept no other relationship than a real one.

At one time people knew everyone in their village. It was necessary, vital. They survived, or starved, or were destroyed by rivals based on how cohesive they were.

The reason that those sorts of communities were possible is simple. They were forced to confront a reality that we as a society tend to remain ignorant of. As far as direct experience goes, for them community was about survival, and survival required sanity, not just a few people being sane, everyone, or if not sane than ready and able to deal with those who were hard to understand.

You didn’t try to lay claim to your neighbor’s property lightly. It could lead to bloodshed back then. What happens now?

It still is guns with the lobstermen. Yes, on the seas things are sometimes still a bit wild and lawless. There are even plans to build offshore cities outside of any countries jurisdiction so the rich can do as they please. So, I got a bit sidetracked…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Sadiki

    I Am the Crystal Fire

  2. Sadiki

    I adore this fear, ancient Abraxas.
    I Am the Crystal Fire of the Black Sun.
    Wild Flares from Radiant Darkness layer the cloth of Your soul. Unrestricted Neon Mysteries Flicker in sporadic Revelation. Shadowed Flames swallow freedon blockers in inhibition annihilating gulps. Testifying to that deep and endless liberation at such a center. Ecstatic and Chaotic and Fresh. Unassuming, infinite, brilliant Night.

    With Tezcatlipoca

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