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The consensus reality is the lie.

Looking Behind the Mirrors in Confusion


It’s hard to see the system for the lie it is, but there is a way to make it easier. You can’t tell people that society is a lie and do them any good. You have to show them. The Occupy movement did that a little. The stand in that Chinese square did it a little, the breaking of the Berlin wall…

The most meaningful things are not rebellious things. The rebel has no clue. See yourself as a rebel and you are already confused. The most meaningful things are disciplined, even obedient. They obey a need that nobody will say they have. They relieve pain that nobody is comfortable sharing. They create freedoms that nobody claims to want. Can they do this while thinking in a “progressive” way?

They just do what comes naturally. Obeying natural reference points, natural guides, looking behind the mirrors, not self-medicating with the smoke.

I have struggled with that as an artist, not trusting my instincts, always striving to be on the cutting edge. I think it’s good to push yourself, but you have to trust what’s inside you. The problem is pushing against yourself. You are already pushing yourself. Those guides I speak of aren’t just static presences in your awareness. They are flows of feeling and thought, energy and experience.

I think simply exposing yourself to as many influences as possible and then just sitting back and see how it moves you on the inside. Yes, excellent. That’s perfect. Your attention is the rudder, but you don’t try to control the river itself. You just experience it and adjust with the flow in the moment. If you can manage this you will steer clear of burn out. Does normal society promise this?

No. It’s still possible. Gandhi was right of course. I believe it was him who said it. You have to be the change you seek. The mirrors are a prison. Progress is a trap. You never get anywhere because there is nowhere to get to. You can experience anything if you are present to experience it, fully present, with all your traits and thoughts and feelings, motivations and fears and beliefs. Navigate this and what will you have?

Just because right now you may fear to move, you also must want to move or you wouldn’t be aware of it. Right now you might believe you don’t stand a chance, but you must want to try or that belief wouldn’t come to your awareness so try anyway. Has anyone given you permission yet? Do it anyway. I am not endorsing murder or violence, abuse or molestation. If you want to do these things, you have other issues than simple disorientation, and if you insist on fulfilling those impulses someone will be right along to help themselves deal with the problem you have become.

So why would you folks say we get confused? And why does it persist? Why do we obey?

Because we are constantly told to believe the lies.

Afraid of punishment. Afraid of punishment so suffer punishment?

Because there are forces in the world that benefit from our confusion.

We want to stay with the pack.

Indeed, there are, and the pack has a Shepard. They have only one intention for their herd.

Our inner voice is our shepherd, but we listen to the outside spin instead. Inner voice can be the shepherd. That inner voice is the voice of life, wants life, wants peace, wants love. Right now my inner voice is planning to hug my wife’s person when he next gets the chance.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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