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“It’s a luxury to be understood.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. A mission to understand. Know thyself.

Same Shit, Different Day in Confusion


Why do we want progress in life?

To feel an accomplishment?

I’d say we want change in life as stagnancy is death, and I guess we define ‘progress’ as good change although that is subjective.

I think we are programmed to progress. Humans are curious.

Everyone hear the phrase SSDD? Or to risk a bit of adult language, “Same Shit, Different Day.” How often do people complain about that?

Often while working. Often while at home also, no? Why is this? Why do people feel this way?

Just as many chores to do at home as at work? You get home from work and then your wife wants you to cut the grass which will just grow back so you have to cut it again.

They have expectations that they’re supposed to get somewhere, progress in some way, and they’re not.

We have been forced to subscribe to a supposedly objective view of what advancement would be, and this model of advancement is supposedly one size fits all. What’s good for the many is good for the individual. A nice thought perhaps, but it’s also a lie. In your experience, has the “greater good” made much difference to your personal wellbeing?

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I just had a scary thought. You just described democracy.

The truth behind this lie is that the system set up doesn’t support the many. It can’t possibly support the many, and in fact it best suits those few who have established the institutions that feed us all the rhetoric we use to convince ourselves we might be living a good life. Is this not so? You are told in many ways both overt and subtle that your personal perceptions and inclinations need to be ignored, sidelined until you “earn” the right to live in a self-actualized manner.

I think a balance needs to be struck between individual needs and communal needs. Too far in either direction is not good. Is something that saps the strength of an individual contributing to this balance? What in society supports this balance? What social institution?

Freedom to choose your own path. No one can require you to work for them. There is no slavery. Well, again a nice idea, short leash or long leash is still a leash. They can own every alternate means of support, even incorporate it into supposedly high minded organizations, perfect tools for social engineering.

So, this isn’t my point of course, and it is possible to find freedom even in the framework of society as it stands.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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