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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Natural Reference Points in Confusion


We have many needs as individuals. Most people do not want to ignore their friends and neighbors. Most people do not want to incite violence in their communities. Is this not true? And these would remain true even if we removed the framework we are currently using.

We have natural points of reference, our sense of family, as narrow or expansive as it might be, most people have one, and even if that desire is not fulfilled it’s still there, and likely serving as a powerful motivator for action.

In considering your natural reference points, those things you know have real meaning, where do achievements fit in? Does your degree make you feel loved? Does your job make you feel safe?

My accomplishments do make me feel good, but they aren’t the same as love.

The natural reference points seem to be ongoing states we want in life, whereas achievements are goals and don’t match.

Really more of an ego boost.

Achievements are the first mirror, and people do like looking at themselves in the mirror. In considering your natural reference points, where do status symbols fit in? Mansion, sports car, ridiculously expensive clothes.

I think they are more important to some people than others.

Status symbols are the second mirror. What happens when you put two mirrors perfectly facing each other about an even distance apart so one can reflect the other?

Infinite images. A sense that you could go on forever? Is there any more substance to life as we are forced to live it than this?

Not as society would ask of me. What else defines it that I might be missing?

It’s like living in a holodeck, you feel like you can go as far as you want, but you never move outside of a very narrowly defined space.

That’s how people get to a point in life having achieved everything they were supposed to and find themselves unhappy. Is Donald Trump happy? Is Mitt Romney happy? If happiness comes from success as society defines it, they should be entirely blissed out. No shortage of any material need, no shortage of things that indicate status and success. Do they have meaningful lives?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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