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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

What Do We Want? in Confusion


So outside of tools, relationships and communication, what do we really want?

Experiences. Pleasure. Knowledge. We want experiences. That’s the unifying element of the other three. It answers the why. Even knowledge is an experience. We are creatures that want a why.

Do we want bad experiences? Actually, we do, because we want to be able to help things. Better a bad experience that preserves relationships than a good experience that costs you your sense of connection.

Why do people claim to like being alone yet seem miserable? They’d rather be a liar then face truth? People will decide that they like what they feel they can tolerate, but it is a lie. And most of what people describe themselves as enjoying is actually a list of tolerances. An example would be alcohol. It has no ability to make people happy by itself. What it does do is change our perception of pain.

I tolerate wine very much. And yes, we take some sense of comfort in the idea that since now we can tolerate something that means we’ll be ok. Better a cold comfort than no comfort, but you will be driven to no comfort.

The one person that everyone will claim to be able to respect, is the one person who has no vested interest in anything. Every time you reach out for something, you will be reminded that the thing you seek is not wanted by someone else. Every time we want to express something, you will be reminded that the thing you wish to express will offend someone. The biggest successes are the biggest offenders and those who most readily break the rules. But the outcome behind that is not uniform is it? It’s not consistent.

That’s what gives religious groups so much influence. Heaven forbid we should insult their god. We can’t be seen as being anti-anything.

And shock jock radio personalities.

Some of these big successes seem peaceful, even happy, and the others seem like monsters on parade. Why such a split?

I’m reminded of Stephen King saying how great it was people paid him for writing crazy stories. The big successes aren’t doing it to be a success? Exactly. The happy successes broke the rules to maintain personal integrity. The monster successes broke the rules so they could win the game of mirrors, buying bigger and bigger things, buying into more and more complex schemes for power or “progress” so called prosperity.

So one follows their muse and the other follows success. Exactly, follows their genius, which is a daemon, a passion, a wild thing, not subject to caging or artificial control.

Like the overly produced bands manufactured to appeal to tweens just to make money. Exactly. It isn’t art. Our lives aren’t really enriched by that crap. Hell, the Star Wars franchise is huge now. It’s making a big stir as it was sold to Disney. It was a huge risk. At the time Lucas was making the movie, people weren’t into science fiction. He honestly didn’t think it would do well. He just wanted to make it anyway.

It started out as something pure, but then turned to the dark side and started to suck. Yes, people started buying into the franchise, until they bought it out. But strangely, every once in a while even things like that return from the dead.

An especially inspired person does a very simple thing. They pull away the mirrors. Unfortunately it usually takes them having an ally to succeed though. This does happen sometimes. Those happy successes like to help others make things like that happen. What do you think?

It’s better when an artist is in charge of the vision, and not a bean counter or an empty suit.

It touches on something real.

There have been those wealthy supporters who understood that. Who spent their money so the artists they were supporting would just create, no strings attached. It’s rare unfortunately, and this is the reason why. People see it as a blissful state that you maybe can achieve on the far end of the road of life, a happily ever after, but this happily ever after is happy never after. Never after do things change. It’s now or not at all.

It’s why I don’t tell people that I’m a writer then they want to know what I write or if I have anything published. It becomes about the success rather than the craft. They ask me when I’m going to get rich. Yes, better in those cases to just write. Nobody gave a damn what Rowling was doing when she began writing the first Harry Potter novel. She didn’t even have all the proper tools to do it. She just began doing it because she felt like it.

And now she gets bad press for writing adult material. It’s absurd. Hopefully, she isn’t taking it all too seriously.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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