In the age of naming, all facets of the name were understood. The speaking brought the essence to form.

Animal Consciousness in Us in Animal Paths

Animal Paths

If a person doesn’t dream, what does that mean? Everyone dreams, but there are states of consciousness more removed from waking process than we normally think of.

So the person may be going into a deeper state of consciousness? The deeper you go into consciousness, the further away you get from something that would make sense when you wake up. We have animal consciousness in us. If you have a lizard dream, you won’t be able to decode it when you wake.

Or you have regular dreams and are just not paying any attention. You have trained yourself to ignore it? Also true. You can get into the habit of dismissing parts of your mental activity. It’s really rather common. Many consider it practical.

I can describe a lizard dream if you like. Impressions of motion, perception of strange qualities of light, rapid fluctuations of feeling and a stream of impulses filling your focus of awareness, and a heightened awareness of smell. I have woken from sleep because for a short while I was overwhelmed with the smell of water, or a house plant, or our cat. That is perhaps the most primitive dream that can be described. Up from that, you have simple mammalian awareness.

I often wake to the overwhelming sense of smells, all different kinds. I just never put it into any perspective other than I just have that sensitivity. I never considered it an animal dream. Animals communicate on this level, and we have these dreams even while awake.

Even to the point where I walk around the house trying to find the source. Feel a vague sense of territoriality when looking for the smell? Yes! Animal instincts. They form the foundation of our own consciousness, and they can form a dictionary of animal communication as well. Our brains are innately wired to connect. They associate and socialize, and they do it with no effort on our parts. If you watch a cat and relax your mind, your awareness may ease for a moment into a point where it almost feels like you are the cat, and should it do something in that moment, you feel like you fully understand why it did it, and not on a superficial rational level but understanding as if you were a cat.

I have coyotes that come into my yard, and when I watch them I totally understand their language, and we fear not each other. You are sharing the dream time/phase/plane.

I used to feel that my iguana was making calculations in her head before she jumped. She was, just not using human mathematics. We aren’t limited to experiencing this with one creature at a time.

I would see a graph in my head, but thought I was making that up. The graph was your personal translation, yes. The iguana was using a feeling based sense of kinetic motion, feeling the arc before it leaped. Embodied cognition they call it. There is math in our flesh and bones.

We can and do have this sense of connection and identification with many life forms at once. What we don’t realize is they share this same sense with us. They just perceive it from the other side. Just as we can flinch when a cat gets hurt, as if we ourselves got hurt, animals sense other life forms around them as if they were an extension of their own body. The lizard is bigger than it’s body gives it credit for, to adapt a line from a song. So what happens in its extended body happens down the line to its flesh and blood body.

I have always felt a connection to animals, which is why it surprises me that some people could hurt them for fun. I understand fully, but humans hurt each other for fun as well. That behaviour is its own wound in the psychic environment.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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